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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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China: Food & Drink
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All the Tea in China (in Japanese) Extensive information on Chinese tea: its varieties, history, methods of preparation, teapots, etc.
Chinese Cuisine An guide to Chinese culinary resources with Rhonda Parkinson
Chinese Food Recipes, Chinese Restaurants and Dining Guide Cooking methods & utensils; glossaries of ingredients & cooking terms; cooking guide & tips; measurement conversions; food articles & fun stuff; restaurant guides for U.S. cities
Chinese Imperial Cuisines China Internet Information Center: history, philosophies, & information on imperial & regional cuisines
Food in Chinese Culture A reprint from K.C. Chang's Food in Chinese Culture: Anthropological & Historical Persepctives (in English & Chinese) "delicious Chinese recipes, recipes for therapeutic purposes, & recipes suitable for different ages ... easy cooking methods, colorful photo guides, & traditional Chinese theories on food therapy"
Little Ma's Recipe Corner Chinese cooking techniques, & recipes from all varieties of Chinese cuisine
Yan Can Eat: An Interview with Martin Yan Interview of the celebrity chef with video clips
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