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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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History of China from the Qin Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty (221 B.C.E.-1368 C.E.)
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Bibliography of Western Works on Early Medieval China Compiled by Early Medieval China Group
A Biographical Dictionary for Early Medieval China Compiled by Early Medieval China Group
Buddhism and State-Building in Song China and Goryeo Korea Sem Vermeersch's paper on "the state appropriation of Buddhism and the integration of Buddhism into the ideological, political and social order" in Song China and Goryeo Korea (Asia Pacific: Perspectives, Dec. 2004; PDF format)
China: Dawn of a Golden Age, 200-750 AD Selections from a special exhibitions at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, thematically organized to "illuminate the rich cultural exchange between East & West"
Content-Rich Historical Studies of the Song Period in China (in Chinese) Web site of the Chinese Society for the Study of Song History: academic news & communications; Song studies by topic & scholar; Song sources & documents; indices; reviews & debates
Iraq and China: Ceramics, Trade, and Innovation Arthur M. Sackler Gallery exhibition focusing "on revolutionary and enduring changes that took place in Iraqi ceramics during the 9th century as the humble character of Islamic pottery responded to a wave of luxury Chinese goods, imported by Arab and Persian merchants"
Man from the Margin:
Cao Cao and the Three Kingdoms
Lecture by Rafe de Crespigny (Australian National University, 1990)
Marco Polo Home Page "A complete book about Marco Polo & Korcula," written & compiled by Zivan Filippi
The Mongols in World History From Columbia University's Asia for Educators, with image gallery, bibliography, & online teaching materials: Mongols' mark on global history; Mongol conquests; the Mongols in China; key figures in Mongol history; the pastoral nomadic life
New Perspectives on the Tang: An International Conference Conference program & paper abstracts (Princeton Univeristy, April 18-20, 2002)
On the Chronology of the Three Dynasties Liu Li's special report on the controversy over the Chinese government's Xia- Shang-Zhou Chronology Project
Rafe de Crespigny Online Publications Publications on the history of Later Han & 3rd century China, by a professor at Australian National University
Rising to Life: Treasures of Ancient China Excerpt from Peter Hessler's National Geographic Magazine essay on terra-cotta statues uncovered at the tombs of Qin Shi Huang Di and Han Jing Di, with image gallery, map, additional information, related links, bibliography, & National Geographic resources
The Song Dynasty in China A teaching unit from Columbia University's Asia for Educators: "Life in the Song seen through a 12th century scroll," with bibliography, online readings, related topics, related links, maps, & class materials
Sources & Studies on Protest & Dissent in Pre-Modern China Barend J. ter Haar's annotated bibliography (file with .bib extension; open with Microsoft Word)
The Uighur Empire Origins of the Uighurs; Rise of the Uighurs; The Golden Age; Decline and Collapse; Rulers; Timeline
Violence in Chinese Culture Barend ter Haar's annotated bibliography, organized by topic
The Xiongnu Empire Origins of the Xiong Nu; Rise to Power; Decline and Collapse; Map; Rulers; Timeline
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See also other pages on Chinese history: general sources; historical maps; archaeology & prehistory; early history; late imperial era; late Qing & the Republic; the Chinese Communist Movement; the 2nd Sino-Japanese War; the Korean War; the People's Republic of China; the Cultural Revolution. For modern Chinese political leaders, see the pages on Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong, & Deng Xiaoping.

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