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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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China: Foreign Investment & Trade
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Business Alert - China Provided by Hong Kong Trade Development Council: inside Pearl River Delta; policy & law; local policy; industrial policy; emerging opportunities; human resources; key to economy & trade (Chinese version)
Chasing the Dragon: Accounting for the Under Performance of India by Comparison with China in Attracting Foreign Direct Investment Paper by John S. Henley, Univ. of Edinburgh (Development Studies Association, Aug. 2003; PDF format)
The China Business Review "the official magazine of The US-China Business Council [&] the leading authority on China trade & investment": TOC of current & back issues, with some articles available to non-subscribers
China Business Site "information on Chinese and Asian business, as well trade and export opportunities in Asia, concentrating primarily on Taiwan and China," compiled by Andrew Papadimos of Australian Catholic University
China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) (in Chinese & English) "a permanent international commercial arbitration institution which independently and impartially resolves, by means of arbitration, contractual or non contractual, economic and trade disputes": guide; rules; related laws; case analysis, etc.
China International Trust & Investment Corporation (CITIC) Home page of state-owned international conglomerate under the direct leadership of the State Council
China's Supermarkets Present Export Opportunity Fred Gale and Thomas Reardon on the transformation of China's food sector by "supermarketization" (Asia Times, June 24, 2005)
ChinaBiG WebGuide Bilingual online Yellow Pages & business guide for companies in China, Hong Kong, & Taiwan, with search tool
The Chinese Exchange Rate An Institute for International Economics hot topic
Cultural Similarity and International Trade: Evidence from the US and Chinese Panel Data Rongxing Guo's examination of the role of language & religion in foreign trade in the US & China from the 1980s to the 1990s (Global Development Network (GDN) , 2001; PDF format)
Dongguan Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation (in Chinese, English & Japanese) Investment & service guides; investment environment of Dongguan
Foreign Direct Investment in China: Effects on Growth Paper by Edward M. Graham & Erika Wada of the Institute for International Economics (April 2001)
Foreign Market Access Report 2005: Chinese; English Ministry of Commerce's report on "the trade regimes and practices of Chinas trading partners in the field of trade in goods and services as well as foreign investment" (PDF format)
India-China Trade Relations Collection of articles by Jairam Ramesh, Secretary of the Economic Affairs Department of the Congress Party in New Delhi (in Chinese & English) An alliance of local Chinese governments for the promotion of international trade & foreign investment: "features, news, & advice" for overseas investors
Investment in China FAQ FAQ, investment laws & hot links
Market Profile on Chinese Mainland Provided by Hong Kong Trade Development Council: latest development; current economic development; foreign trade & investment; trade & investment policies; WTO commitments; Hong Kong's trade with the mailand
Shanghai Foreign Investment Service Center Overview; investment news; laws & regulations; investment procedures; foreign companies; projects information; FAQ (in Chinese & English) "the largest on-line information & exchange platform for project investment & financing"; information organized by industry
Why Is Foreign Investment in China Concentrated in the Coastal Areas? Wei Zhang's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Summer 2000)
Will Entry into the World Trade Organisation Lead to a Surge in Chinese Exports? Paper by Li Yuefen, UNCTAD (China & World Economy, no.2, 2003)
Winning the China FMCG Market: Growth Strategies for an Evolving Opportunity An A.T. Kearney publication (2003; downloadable in PDF format)
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See also the page on China's WTO bid.
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