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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Chinese Music & Theater
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Traditional Music Contemporary Music Traditional Theater
Revolutionary Music & Theater   Contemporary Theater
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Traditional Music
9,000 Year Old Chinese Flutes Article in Nature on oldest playable playable musical instruments found at early Neolithic site in China, with images & sound file
Abing, A Chinese Folk Musician Jonathan Stock's introduction to the life & music of the early 20th century musician Abing
CHIME - European Foundation for Chinese Music Research "a foundation for the promotion of Chinese music research, based in Leiden, the Netherlands": annual journal & conferences; monographs; projects; bibliography of books & articles on Chinese music
Chinese Music International Journal "an international refereed journal published quarterly by the Chinese Music Society of North America ... devoted wholly to the study of the music & acoustics of China"
Chinese Music Society of North America Information on musical groups, programs & publications, & short features on Chinese music & musicians
Christopher Evans' Guqin Pages A comprehsive introduction to traditional Chinese music in general & the guqin & its music in particular, with a list of Chinese music references & glossary
Content-Rich The Internet Chinese Music Archive A comprehensive archive of music files in SUN audio format: traditional music; modern music; popular music; ceremonial music; historical speeches, etc.
Traditional Songs & Stories & a Glossary of Phrases of the Hua Miao of South West China Collected & translated by R. Keith Parsons, & maintained by Steve Rake: an archive of songs reflecting Miao history, society & culture, with map & introduction to Miao script
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Contemporary Music
Bright Sheng Biography of the MacArthur Fellowship recipient, with news, discography & reviews of his music
NewChinese Popular Music (in Chinese) A summary of Guangtian huari xia de liuxing, by music critic Jin Zhaojun (2002)
NewChinese Rock and Roll John Korber's profile of Cui Jian, Cobra & other Chinese bands; Chinese rock music links
Cui Jian (in Chinese & English) Official site of the pioneering Chinese rock musician
NewShanghai Rap Audio files & lyrics of Shanghaiese rap music
Singing the Chinese Blues: An Interview with Liu Sola Conversation with "a composer & vocalist whose work combines elements of traditional Chinese folk music with contemporary American jazz & blues"
Snowflower (in Flemish, Chinese & English) A Belgian-Chinese music group using Western pop musical styles & combination of guitar, erhu & zheng to express Chinese love poetry from the 4th to the 20th centuries
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Traditional Theater
Cantonese Opera Home Page A bilingual site: history; artists; playwrights; instruments; events; questions & answers; forum
Chinese Theatre Index Articles compiled by
Giving the People What They Want: Cantonese Opera in the Twenties & Thirties A short account of a period of innovations in Cantonese opera
Peking Opera A comprehensive introduction to the history & aspects of Beijing (or Peking) Opera
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Revolutionary Music & Theater
Beijing Opera, Revolutionary Opera, and Jiang Jie Shelly Kraicer on the Chinese revolutionary opera Jiang Jie, adapted for the screen by Zhang Yuan
Development of Beijing Opera During the Cultural Revolution in China Excerpts from Wendy A. Levine's 1995 thesis, with bibliography & image gallery
The Internet Chinese Music Archive: Modern Music Downloadable songs of the eras before & after the Communist Revolution of 1949, the Cultural Revolution, & the period after
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Contemporary Theater
The Ultimate Turandot: House of Spectacle Photoessay on the 1998 production at the Forbidden City
Blood Links: William Yang Tells a Tale of Family Migration AsiaSource interview of the performance artist whose Blood Links traces his "scattered family’s migration from China to Australia over a hundred years ago" (Nov. 20, 2002)
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