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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Overseas & Hong Kong-Based Chinese-Language Publications
blank space (in Chinese) News provided by Canada-based Aladding Media
Asia Times: China News, business stories & news series on China
Cheng Ming Monthly/The Trend (in Chinese) 2 Hong Kong-based political monthlies providing "exclusive reports and in-depth analysis on the political situation in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong"
NewChina News Weekly (in Chinese) Online magazine covering current affairs, politics & economy of China
China Online Magazines "China Online Magazines (COM) is a non-political, NPO (non-profit organization) corporation in Japan publishing HuaShengHeYu (in Japanese) and DongBeiFeng (in Chinese)which mainly carry news, opinions and other information about China-Japan relationship, Chinese community living in Japan and other China-related affairs"
Chinese Media Net: (in Chinese & English) News service of a New York-based independent media company providing news & entertertainment to the global Chinese community
Duowei Weekly (in Chinese) Chinese Media Net's weekly for the global Chinese community
Feng Hua Yuan - Chinese News & Culture Magazine "comprehensive electronic Chinese magazine on news, current affairs, culture & arts about China"
News Guangdong "the premier online source of Guangdong news and information ... through 10 channels including News, Business, Cities and Towns, Culture and Education ... an influential online source of Guangdong information for expats in and outside Guangdong"
Open Magazine (in Chinese) Hong Kong-based monthly critical of Chinese government policies & covering developments in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan
Sing Tao USA Chinese-language daily with international & U.S. news, including news for the Bay Area, Los Angeles & New York
World Journal Largest Chinese-language newspaper in North America, "respond[ing] to [the] changing needs [of Chinese immigrants] through continuous advancements in content, technology and service"
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