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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Study Groups, Projects, & Professional Societies Related to Chinese Studies
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Association Française d'Études Chinoises (in French) Official site of the French Association for Chinese Studies (A.F.E.C.) : Études chinoises (biannual); sinology & enterprises; professional meetings, exhibitions & films; bibliography; sinology & Internet
The Asociation of Chinese & Comparative Literature Website News & announcements of organization promoting "exchanges between scholars working in the field of Chinese & Comparative Literature in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada"
ChiMed Home Page Electronic clearing house for scholars studying the history of Chinese medicine: directory of scholars; institutions; libraries; resources; bibliographies & syllabi; news
Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) "a professional organization devoted exclusively to the study of Chinese language, culture and pedagogy"
Chinese Writers' Publishing Group (in Chinese) China's largest writers' group, composed of the Writers' Publishing House, 9 literature periodicals, and the Chinese Writer's Association's Web site
The Chinese Law Net "an electronic discussion group devoted to issues of modern Chinese law"
The China Project "a two-tier initiative designed to promote understanding & awareness about China among largely New York City secondary school teachers & students": lesson plans, links, etc.
Chinese Academic Link Not-for-profit organization aiming to "link domestic & overseas Chinese scholars & professionals to promote educational, scientific & cultural exchanges between China & the rest of the world"
Chinese Biographical Database Project directed by Marilyn A. Levine: "a dynamic, scholarly moderated database," with search & report functions, & open to contributions of new information & biographies
Chinese Communication Association Non-profit association aiming "To encourage & facilitate exchange of professional knowledge among scholars & students in various fields of Chinese communication"; extensive bibliography of scholarly works in English
Chinese Studies Association of Australia "the professional organisation for research and teaching about China in Australia"
Early Medieval China Group Affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies, with the goal of increasing & broadening understanding of China's "early medieval age" from the late Han to the early Tang: Membership list; contents of Early Medieval China; bibliography; biographical dictionary; thesaurus
European Association of Chinese Studies Links to institutes of Chinese studies, libraries with Chinese collections, conferences, & museums with collections of Chinese art in Europe
Henry Luce Foundation: US-China Cooperative Research Program "a $12 million initiative to strengthen the study of Asia at the undergraduate level of American higher education"
Historical Society for 20th Century China Membership & research directories, bylaws, newsletters, symposium archives, etc.
Language & Politics in Modern China Working papers from a collaborative research project, Keywords of the Chinese Revolution: The Language of Politics & the Politics of Language in 20th-Century China
The Literature of Leisure in Late Imperial China Part of research project compiling bibliographic information on Ming-Qing leisure literature: author guide; collections; bibliography; reference; links
Ming Ch'ing Research Group (in Chinese) Interdisciplinary group of scholars doing research on the Ming-Ch'ing period at the Academia Sinica: Upcoming events; summaries of publications & research plans; tables of contents of related journals; bibliographic lists; e-mail discussion list, etc.
Society for Song, Yuan, and Conquest Dynasties Studies "an international society committed to encourage the study of the Chinese--as well as Jürchen, Khitan, and Mongol--history, society, and culture from the founding of the Song dynasty to the end of the Yuan dynasty"
Society for the Study of Chinese Religions Membership, publications, & presentations; tables of contents of journals dealing with Chinese religions
The T'ang Studies Society "a non-profit organization ... open to any person or institution interested in the advancement of research on T'ang China": index to T'ang Studies
Taoist Restoration Society "U.S. nonprofit corporation dedicated to the rehabilitation & rebirth of China's Taoist tradition"
TEFLChina Teahouse "Insights from Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in China"
Transnational China Project, Baker Institute, Rice University "explores the influence of the transnational circulation of people, technologies, commodities and ideas on contemporary culture in Chinese societies by sponsoring original analysis and commentary, developing curriculum resources, fostering networks of scholars and maintaining original image archives"
Warring States Project "based on the researches of Bruce & Taeko Brooks into the dates & authenticity of the classical Chinese texts ... [&] a focus of collaboration for the 100 international scholars of the Warring States Working Group"
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