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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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China's WTO Bid
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Beginning the Journey: China, the United States, and the WTO Report of an independent task force sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations (October 2001; PDF format)
The Case for China's Accession to the WTO Mark A. Groombridge's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Spring 2000)
China & the WTO News updates & analysis from ChinaOnline
China & the WTO: the Politics Behind the Agreement An NBR Analysis Essay by Joseph Fewsmith (Dec. 1999)
China & WTO: Battles Ahead An AsiaTODAY special report (November 24, 1999): overview with analysis, links, news sources, & trade statistics
China & WTO: The Congressional Vote An AsiaTODAY special report (May 23, 2000): analysis; links; news sources
China Embraces WTO People's Daily stories related to China's entry into the WTO
China in the WTO: An Interview with Amb. Charlene Barshefsky Conversation with "the U.S. Chief Trade Representative [about] the EU-China WTO negotiations, China's Internet & E-commerce sectors, & recent tensions between China & Taiwan" (March 02, 2000)
China Joining WTO (in Chinese) From China News Service: Related news & commentary
The China Trade Debate An Online Newshour special report
China's Accession to the World Trade Organization: Legal Issues A Congressional Research Service Report by Jeanne J. Grimmett (June 2000)
The Impact of WTO Treaties on Investments in China Essay by Thomas Weishing Huang in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Spring 2001)
Permanent Trading Privileges for China: A Debate A Woodrow Wilson Center commentary & analysis
Tariff and FDI Liberalization: What to Expect from China's Entry into the WTO? Sebastian Claro's 2002 paper (PDF format)
WTO Challenge to China's Industry A BBC World Service East Asia Today In depth feature (Oct. 31, 2001)
WTO China Updates China Internet Information Center's compilation of stories on related changes, negotiations & policies
WTO in Doha An AsiaSource special report on WTO's Fourth Ministerial conference; includes resources on China's bid for membership (Nov. 7, 2001)
WTO/PNTR For China The US-China Business Council's coverage of the facts & issues, with emphasis on benefits to the U.S. nationally, by sector & by state
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See also the pages on China's relations with the U.S. & foreign investment & trade.
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