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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Globalization & Its Critics
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General Information Global Forums Critics of Globalization
The Outsourcing Controversy Cultural Globalization Research & Commentary
  Data & Statistics  
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General Information
Americans and the World: Globalization From the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) , survey of U.S. public opinion on globalization, continually updated (Last revised: April 12, 2002)
Are We Being Run Over By Global Capitalism? TOC with full texts of some articles of an issue of The American Enterprise on the "Globalization" debate (June 2004)
Asia Times: Global Economy News & commentary on the global economy
NewBBC News In Depth Report: The Battle over Trade Top trade stories; trade & the poor; world trade rivals; key issues: farming; real lives north & south; regional viewpoints; key issues: druges; links to world organizations, national & regional bodies, & NGOs, etc.
NewCenter for Global Development (CGD) "an independent think tank that works to reduce global poverty and inequality by encouraging policy change in the U.S. and other rich countries through rigorous research and active engagement with the policy community"
Commanding Heights Companion site to PBS documentary on the global economic system: storyline (with transcripts); key events; country reports; people interviewed for the program; essays; educator's guide
Council on Foreign Relations: Globalization Must reads & related Council resources
Content-Rich CSIS - A Student's Guide to Globalization "dedicated to providing students information and learning opportunities on globalization ... managed by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)": issue briefs; news analyses; interviews with CSIS experts & visiting policy-makers; links; lesson plans
NewDaniel W. Drezner: Globalization Archives Blog entries by a political scientist "finishing a book on globalization and global governance"
Content-Rich Eldis Corporate Social Responsibility Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on corporate social responsibility issues by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information, with quick access to various subtopics such as fair trade, child labor & code of conduct
Content-Rich Eldis Globalisation Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on globalization by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information, searchable by research themes
Foreign Affairs: Globalization Recent articles & books reviewed in Foreign Affairs
Global Envision "featuring educational resources, articles, stories and opinions about how economic policy and development can be made more inclusive, [& providing] models of how free markets can be a positive force in creating a more fair, just, and stable future"
Content-Rich Global Issues That Affect Everyone Discussion of global issues with over 5,000 external links: trade related issues; geopolitics; human rights related issues; environmental issues; other items of interest
Content-Rich Global Policy Forum: Globalization Collection of documents & data with bibliography & Web resources related to: economic liberalization & integration; globalization of politics; globalization & culture; globalization of law; civil society & global governance; key debates; cases; measuring globalization
The Globalist "The daily online magazine on the global economy, politics & culture" (Registration required for for free access to features beyond the last three days)
Globalization "a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the examination of social, political, economic, and technological globalization"
Globalization: A Special Segment of The American Prospect Links & resources; featured articles from the liberal monthly
Globalization and Its Critics A Washington Post special report (free registration required)
Globalization Issues An guide
Globalization Reform Project Open Society Institute project seeking to promote "policies that make globalization more inclusive, democratic, and economically stable"
Globalization Reseach Network (GRN): Learning about Globalization Key GRN initiatives & additional resources
Content-Rich The Globalization Website Created by Frank Lechner of Emory University: debates; organizations; news; global actors; guide to selected recent literature; theories; glossary
Globalization, Trade and WTO An International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Hot Topic: documents, reports, & related sites "Your portal to information about Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation": case studies & white papers; resources; news
HBS Working Knowledge: Globalization Feature stories from the Harvard Business School
Integrating Globalization into the Curriculum: Two Examples Christopher Corley and Jay Walsh on the usefulness & pedagogical challenges of including globalization into the social studies curriculum (World History Connected, May 2004)
Content-Rich Internet Resources on Global Problems & the Culture of Capitalism Richard H. Robbins' categorized directory of "Internet resources necessary for understanding the social, cultural, political, & economic implications of the global expansion of capitalism"
NewThe Liu Institute for Global Issues Institute pursuing "interdisciplinary and policy-related research and advocacy on global public policy issues related to human security," including "international relations, human security, peace and disarmament, the environment, conflict and development, and global health and international justice issues"
Nautilus Institute: About Global Problem Solving Identification of "practical ways to untangle this snarl of interrelated global problems": What is Global Problem Solving; Framing Global Problems; Global Problem Solving Tools
Content-Rich The Online Global Problems Reader Collection of online readings & exercises compiled by Richard H. Robbins & Gloria Bobbie
NewopenDemocracy: Globalisation "contested debates and in-depth analysis by leading actors and thinkers -- plus word from ordinary people experiencing the effects of globalisation"
NewRAND Hot Topics: Globalization Selected research, commentary and congressional testimony by RAND experts
Content-Rich The RRojas Databank: Globalization Papers & documents on globalization, "a new kind of corporate colonialism visited upon poor countries and the poor in rich countries"
Salon Hot Topics: Globalization Directory of Salon stories on the impact of globalization on the American & other economies
NewWho Runs Your World? BBC News series on power in the world, "who has it, who wants it, how it's used & how it's changing -- from the streets to the superpowers": features; multilingual debates; interviews (Sept. 2005)
Content-Rich World Bank: Globalization "access to some of the most recent presentations on globalization and some of the leading research on the subject": issue briefs; key readings; data & statistics; news & videos; research
Content-Rich World Economic Forum Independent international organization & "a collaborative framework for the world's leaders to address global issues, engaging particularly its corporate members in global citizenship": initiatives; events; "Knowledge Navigator organiz[ing] content according to themes, regions, industries, competitiveness profiles, contributors and events"
Content-Rich YaleGlobal Online Magazine Online publication of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, "designed to encourage exploration & debate on issues surrounding globalization"
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Global Forums
NewThe C8 Children's Forum "a children and young peoples version of the G8 meeting ... [where young people around the world meet] to debate and take action on the most pressing issues facing young people today"
Cancún Trade Talk Breakdown: What Now? OECD on the unexpected breakdown of WTO trade talks in in Cancún in Sept. 2003: information; extensive list of background reading
Don't Cry for Cancún Jagdish Bhagwati on the collapse of WTO trade negotiations in Cancún in Sept. 2003 (free registration with New York Times required)
G-20 "an informal forum which seeks to promote an open and constructive dialogue between industrial nations and emerging-market countries on key issues relating to the international monetary and financial system and, in the process, to help strengthen the international financial architecture"
New Global Agenda "official magazine of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting seek comment from leading business people, politicians, academics and members of civil society on the topics to be discussed at the Annual Meeting"
NewGlobal Business: Tough Talks Peter Gumbel on the upcoming WTO meeting on Dec. 13-18 in Hong Kong, with links to related stories (Time Asia, Nov. 28, 2005)
Group of 77 "the largest Third World coalition in the United Nations ... provid[ing] the means for the developing world to articulate and promote its collective economic interests and enhance its joint negotiating capacity on all major international economic issues in the United Nations system, and promote economic and technical cooperation among developing countries (ECDC/TCDC)"
NewInternational Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) "an international educational charity ... promot[ing] responsible business practices internationally that benefit business and society, and which help to achieve social, economic and environmentally sustainable development"
OECD: Global Forums "members and non-members address issues that defy resolution in a country/region: sustainable development; knowledge economy (biotechnology & e-commerce); governance; trade; international investment; international taxation; agriculture; competition"
Q&A: World Trade in Crisis BBC News backgrounder on World Trade Organisation talks to break deadlock over trade barriers & subsidies in Paris, May 2005
Rendezvous at Mumbai Achin Vanaik on the irony of the meeting of the fourth World Social Forum "in the neoliberal capital of the global South" (New Left Review, Mar.-Apr. 2004)
Social Watch "an international network informed by national citizens' groups aiming at following up the fulfillment of the internationally agreed commitments on poverty eradication and equality": country by country data & reports; big issues; progress & setbacks; development indicators; annual reports
The Third World Institute "a civil society organization, working for civil society, which encourages citizen involvement in global decision-making processes": news; initiatives; publications, including The World Guide
NewContent-Rich World Economic Forum "an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas": knowledge navigator for access to information drawn from the forum's meetings & activities
Content-Rich World Economic Forum: Global Agenda Monitor
2003; 2002; 2001; 2000
Reports on the annual meetings of the World Economic Forum (PDF format)
New World Social Forum (in Portuguese, English, French, & Spanish) "an open meeting place where social movements, networks, NGOs and other civil society organizations opposed to neo-liberalism and a world dominated by capital or by any form of imperialism come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically, for formulate proposals, share their experiences freely and network for effective action"
New World Social Forum Memorial Information on previous meetings of the global forum against neo-liberalism & imperialism, held annually since 2001
NewContent-Rich World Trade Organization (WTO) (in English, French & Spanish) "the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. At its heart are the WTO agreements, negotiated and signed by the bulk of the world’s trading nations and ratified in their parliament": news; trade topics; resources; documents; publications; community/forums
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Critics of Globalization
ATTAC International (Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens) "international movement for democratic control of financial markets and their institutions," with chapters in 33 countries
Content-Rich BaobabConnections "a non-profit Internet based media project dedicated to building critical awareness, raising debate and stimulating meaningful action toward building a future free of the dire effects of profit driven Corporate Globalization"
Beyond Civil Society Emir Sader's analysis of the World Social Forum from a Brazilian perspective (New Left Review, Sept.-Oct. 2002)
Content-Rich Bretton Woods Project "a networker, information-provider, media informant and watchdog to scrutinise and influence the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF)": briefings; reports; bimonthly digest Bretton Woods Update
Debunking the Economist -- Again James K. Galbraith's dissent to "new golden age of global capitalism" (Salon, March 22, 2004)
Demos and Cosmopolis Daniele Archibugi arguing that "Popular sovereignty can only be recovered,... in a cosmopolitan order antithetical to its simulacrum in the 'international community' of today" (New Left Review, Jan.-Feb. 2002)
Content-Rich Eldis: Questioning Development A collection of "those occasional papers which cause a fuss in development circles, those which start a chain of debate or de-stabalise a current orthodoxy"
A Fair Globalization, Making it Happen "Follow-up to the Report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization," A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunities for All: news & events; followup activities & events; knowledge networks
A Farmers' International? Interview with Jos Bov, the founder of the Confédération Paysanne & the farmer-activist who dismantled the McDonalds in Millau in June 2000 as protest "for proper food against malbouffe, agricultural workers against multinationals" (New Left Review, Nov.-Dec. 2001)
The Fifth WTO Ministerial Conference: Global Actions From Peoples' Global Action: global actions against the WTO & the 2003 Cancún Conference, listed by region & country
Global Left Turn David Held's critique of Martin Wolf's Why Globalisation Works: The Case for the Global Market Economy (Prospect, Jan. 2005)
Global Media, Neoliberalism, and Imperialism Robert W. McChesney's commentary in Monthly Review (March 2001)
Globalism has had its Day, eh? Philip Marchand's review of John Ralston Saul's The Collapse of Globalism: And the Reinvention of the World (Toronto Star, May 22, 2005)
Globalization and Political Strategy Fredric Jameson's dismantlement of globalization into its technological, political, cultural, economic and social components, & reassembling them "into a coherent target for collective resistance" (New Left Review, July-Aug. 2000)
Monthly Review: Essays on Globalization Essays & reviews from a radical publication supportive of socialism & critical of capitalism & imperialism
The Myths of Globalization - Markets, Democracy & Ethnic Hatred: Conversation with Amy Chua Interview with Yale law professor & author of World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability (Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley, Conversations with History series, 2004)
New Revolts Against the System Immanuel Wallerstein on "resistance to the established order" over the last 120 years (including nationalist & socialist revolts) & anti-globalization movements as the most recent variant (New Left Review, Nov.-Dec. 2002)
The New Anarchists David Graeber arguing that the anti-globalization movement is true globalization, with its repertoire of methods of resistance "coming from the arsenal of a reinvented anarchism" (New Left Review, Jan.-Feb. 2002) "an on-line portal to the global justice movement" launched following the success of Naomi Klein's No Logo, "offer[ing] readers ways of connecting with each other and of getting involved in struggles and movements for social justice"
On No Logo Tom Mertes's review of Naomi Klein's "stinging attack on the new corporate logic behind logo-mania" (New Left Review, July-Aug. 2000)
On the Attack Interview with Bernard Cassen, "founder of the single most successful movement against neoliberal globalization, [ATTAC,] and architect of the World Social Forum" (New Left Review, Jan.-Feb. 2003)
Pacific Panopticon Walden Bello on "the prospects for the World Social Forum after September 11 [&] the need to link protests against the IMF and WTO to campaigns against US military expansion" (New Left Review, July-Aug. 2002)
Peoples' Global Action (PGA) Worldwide "alliance of struggle and mutual support ... against "Free" Trade and the World Trade Organisation ... coordinating decentralised Global Action Days around the world to highlight the global resistance of popular movements to capitalist globalisation"
Planet of Slums Mike Davis on the "Future history of the Third World's post-industrial megacities" (New Left Review, Mar.-Apr. 2004)
Porto Alegre: Today's Bandung? Michael Hardt comparing the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre with the Bandung Conference "as attempts to counter the dominant world order," "the rule of capitalist globalization" for the former & "colonialism and the oppressive Cold War binary" for the latter (New Left Review, Mar.-Apr. 2002)
Power Hungry: Six Reasons to Regulate Global Food Corporations ActionAid International's report arguing that multinational food companies are undermining the fight against poverty in developing countries (Jan. 2005; PDF format)
The Prophet of Anti-globalism Stuart Jeffries' interview of John Ralston Saul, author of The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World (The Guardian, June 9, 2005)
Raising a Ruckus Interview with John Sellers about the operations & outlook of the Ruckus Society, a key instigator of anti-globalization protests at Seattle & elsewhere (New Left Review, July-Aug. 2001)
Reclaiming the Commons Naomi Klein arguing against "trade-ready, investment-friendly, world-competitive" globalization at the expense of local human warfare & for "a movement of radical change, committed to a single world with many worlds in it" (New Left Review, May-June 2001)
The Ringmaster of Doha Robert Wade on A World Without Walls by Michael Moore, ex-Director General of the WTO (New Left Review, Jan.-Feb. 2004)
Showdown at the World Bank Robert Wade on the tight control exercised by the US Treasury over the World Bank & the international financial institutions (New Left Review, Jan.-Feb. 2001)
Toward a New Internationalism Editors of Monthly Review on growing protests against globalization & prospects for a new internationalism (July-August 2000)
Transfair USA Non-profit organization with mission "to build a more equitable and sustainable model of international trade that benefits producers, consumers, industry and the earth" by verifying that " that the farmers who produced Fair Trade Certified products were paid a fair price"
WTO: Information & Analysis Compiled by Peoples' Global Action
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The Outsourcing Controversy
Capturing Global Advantage: How Leading Industrial Companies Are Transforming Their Industries by Sourcing and Selling in China, India, and Other Low-Cost Countries Boston Consulting Group's report suggesting accelerating trend of offshoring (Apr. 2004; PDF format)
Frontline: Is Wal-Mart Good for America? Companion site to PBS program on "the relationship between U.S. job losses and the American consumer's insatiable desire for bargains": Introduction; The Secrets of Wal-Mart's Success; Transforming America; The China Connection; interviews
How India is Saving Capitalism Katharine Mieszkowski's "special report from Chennai, globalization's ground zero" (Salon, Apr. 1, 2004)
New How the World Works
Part 1: The World in the iPod
Part 2: Why "Made in China" is Good News for the U.S.
Andrew Leonard's series exploring the impact of globalization on the U.S. (Salon, 2005; brief ad viewing required for free access)
Job Losses & Trade: A Reality Check Brink Lindsey on whether foreign competition is responsible for job losses in the U.S. (Center for Trade Policy Studies, Mar. 17, 2004; PDF format); short version "10 Truths About Trade: Hard Facts about Offshoring, Imports, and Jobs" (Reason, July 2004)
The New Face of the Silicon Age: How India Became the Capital of the Computing Revolution Daniel H. Pink on the outsourcing of U.S. software jobs to India (Wired, Feb. 2004)
Outsourcing: Is India to be Blamed? AsiaTODAY Special Report: commentary & analysis; news; background information on the Indian economy; links (March 17, 2004)
Outsourcing: Reforms not Rhetoric Report by Mike Yamamoto and Ed Frauenheim, with links to related resources & news (CNET News, May 4, 2004)
The Outsourcing Bogeyman Daniel W. Drezner's essay with bibliography in Foreign Affairs (May/June 2004)
SAJA Roundup: Outsourcing "A contantly updated list of sources and resources to help journalists covering outsourcing," compiled by the South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA)
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Cultural Globalization
NewThe Connection: America's Sagging Arches NPR program on the faltering of "McDonald's, the symbol of America's cultural and corporate hegemony," with James Watson of Harvard Univ. & George Ritzer of the Univ. of Maryland (Aired Jan. 24, 2003; RealAudio format)
NewThe Death of European Wine: In Vino Vilitas Barbara Supp on the controversy arising from the globalization of the wine market: should European wine makers conform with the globalization of taste or preserve tradition? (Der Spiegel, Nov. 5, 2005)
Planet Hollywood Franco Moretti on the global dominance of the American film industry & the "international map of action films, comedies, childrens movies, dramas" (New Left Review, May-June 2001)
NewPrime Numbers: Power Projectors David Hancock on the global business of movies, with detailed charts (Foreign Policy, July/Aug. 2005; PDF format)
NewRomancing the Globe Ibsen Martnez on the global popularity of Latin American soap operas or telenovela & its social & cultural significance (Foreign Policy, Nov./Dec. 2005)
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Research & Commentary
After Cancun: Possibilities for a New North-South Grand Bargain on Trade Foreign Policy In Focus Policy Report by Thomas I. Palley, Director of the Open Society Institute's Globalization Reform Project (2003)
NewASDA Wal-Mart: the Alternative Report War on Want's report on "how relentless pursuit of the lowest possible prices has had a negative impact on the company's employees as well as its suppliers" (Sept. 2005; PDF format)
New The Box That Makes the World Go Round Alexander Jung on the history & the future of containers that "have become the building blocks of the global village" (Der Spiegel, Nov. 25, 2005)
NewCan Extreme Poverty be Eliminated? Jeffrey Sachs on the current state of global poverty & how the Millenium Development Goals may be achieved (Scientific American, Sept. 2005; PDF format)
NewChina, India and the Doubling of the Global Labor Force: Who Pays the Price of Globalization? Harvard University economist Richard Freeman on consequences for workers of the massive increase in the global supply of labor while the supply of capital remains virtually unchanged (ZNet, Aug. 30, 2005)
NewCompeting in a Flat World Charlie Rose's interview with Esther Dyson & John Doerr "at the TechNet Innovation Summit about the implications of the flat world, popularized in Tom Friedmans book "The World is Flat," U.S. competitiveness and where the Internet is heading" (, Nov. 16, 2005)
NewA Conversation with Jared Diamond Tom Laichas' interview with the author of Guns, Germs, and Steel & Collapse: How Some Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed (World History Connected, May 2005)
The Debate on Globalization, Poverty and Inequality: Why Measurement Matters Martin Ravallion's World Bank Policy Research Working Paper (Apr. 2003; PDF format)
Deliver Us from Wal-Mart? Jeff M. Sellers on the ethics of the retail giant from the Christian perspective (Christianity Today, May 2005)
NewE-mail Debate: Do Corporations Rule? From BBC News series on "Who Runs Your World": Walden Bello & Philippe Legrain debating "whether global corporations are the most powerful beasts in the jungle" (Sept. 2005)
NewEncyclopedia of Globalization: Trade Routes Essay by T. Matthew Ciolek of Australian National University on the emergence & expansion of trade and supply routes, postal routes & signals routes from 3500 BCE to 2000 CE
Globalization, Poverty, and Inequality since 1980 David Dollar's World Bank Policy Research Working Paper (June 2004)
Dreams of Empire Tony Judt's review of 9 books on the American empire & the New World Order (New York Review of Books, Nov. 4, 2004)
Economic Globalisation and Equity in East Asia Paper by Siow Yue Chia (Global Development Network (GDN) , 2003; PDF format)
Economic Policy Institute "a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that seeks to broaden the public debate about strategies to achieve a prosperous and fair economy" -- research focused on 5 areas: Living standards/labor markets; Government and the economy; Globalization and trade; Education; Retirement policy
Economic Reform in this Era of Globalization - 16 country cases A G-20 case study (Oct. 2003; PDF format)
Effects of Financial Globalization on Developing Countries: Some Empirical Evidence IMF paper by E. Prasad et al. (2002; PDF format)
Europe Loses Ground: Cultural Media from the Perspective of the Internet Thierry Chervel on the failure of European media & intellectuals to make use of the Internet as a public sphere & hiding behind an anti-globalization critique (Eurozine, June 2004)
A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunities for All Report by the International Labour Organization's World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization (Feb. 2004)
The Future of Global Governance Joseph E. Stiglitz's working paper assessing democratic deficiencies in global governance & proposing reforms (Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) , Columbia University, Sept. 2004; PDF format)
The Germans: Fahrvergnügen vs. Globalization Der Spiegel special on the German auto industry in the context of international competition (June 2, 2005)
A Global Look to the Local: Replacing Economic Globalisation with Democratic Localisation Colin Hines's paper seeking "to identify the forms of economic organisation that might best support the institutionalisation of democratic participation in decisions on environment and development" (International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), 2003; PDF format)
Globalisation & the Asia-Pacific Revival Paper by Arne Bigsten of Goteborg University (Nov. 2003, PDF format)
The Globalism Institute Research institute of Australia's RMIT University "engaged research into globalisation, transnationalism, nationalism and cultural diversity": documents & publications; links; activities
Globalisation: the Forgotten Strategy Pankaj Ghemawat on arbitrage to exploit differences as a global strategy for companies (Harvard Business Review, Jan. 21, 2004)
Globalisation, Poverty, and All That: Factor Endowment Versus Productivity Views Paper prepared for the NBER Globalization Workshop by William Easterly, New York University (2004; PDF format)
Globalization and Disease: The Case of SARS Brookings Institution Working Paper by Jong-Wha Lee & Warwick J. McKibbin, (May 20, 2003; PDF format)
Globalization, Technology and Asian Development Joseph Stiglitz's paper on the economic dimensions of globalization, with special reference on Asia (Asian Development Review, 20:2 ( 2003); PDF format)
Globalization: The Agent of Good Governance? Special report published by the Woodrow Wilson Center's Asia Program (Aug. 2001)
NewGlobalization: The New World: "We Should Expect Upheavals" Interview with Henry Paulson, CEO of Goldman Sachs, about "global imbalances, the rise of China and German pessimism" (Der Spiegel, Nov. 21, 2005)
Globalization & Its Challenges Revised version of the Eli lecture delivered by Stanley Fischer at the American Economic Association meetings in Jan. 2003 (PDF format)
Globalization and Natural-Resource Conflicts Scott Pegg's essay in Naval War College Review (Autumn 2003; PDF)
Globalization and Poverty International Labour Organization paper by Nomaan Majid (2003; PDF format)
Globalization & the Impact on Asia Keynote speech by H.E. Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi at the Harvard Asia Business Conference (Feb. 2-3, 2001)
Globalization and the Informal Economy: How Global Trade and Investment Impact on the Working Poor Marilyn Carr & Martha Alter Chen's working paper for International Labour Office (2002; PDF format)
Globalization Inequality Group A Brookings Institution forum on the relationship between globalization & inequality, with downloadable academic papers
Globalization Research Center at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Research center with "special focus on globalization and the Asia-Pacific region": signature projects including Globalization Curriculum Project & GRC Health Projects; resources including GRC staff & fellows publications, globalilzation in the news, & links & readings on terrorism
The Globalization Reseach Network (GRN) "brings together the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the University of South Florida, the University of California at Los Angeles, and the George Washington University into a collective arrangement that permits each to pursue globalization research while pursuing a particularized area expertise": research & activities; featured projects; learning about globalization; globalization links

The Great Reverse

3 part series on "the projected Asian-leaning shift in the global balance of power" (YaleGlobal, Sept. 2004)
Part I on China & India's rise, by Clyde Prestowitz
Part II
on Southeast Asia & the U.S. having to adjust to China's rise, by Marvin Ott
Part III on burgeoning Sino-Indian trade ties, by Anna Greenspan
Institute of Development Studies: Globalisation Team Research "policy-related research and advisory agenda ... focused on spreading the gains from globalisation"
Is America Losing Its Edge? Adam Segal's commentary on the globalization of research & development & Asia's challenge to America's technological dominance in the global economy (Foreign Affairs, Nov.-Dec. 2004)
The Late Developers' Trek George Zhibin Gu on opportunities & problems of late developers such as China & India (Asia Times, May 4, 2005)
NewLetter from China: The Cross-pollination of India and China Howard W. French on interpenetration of the world's emerging economic powers as the next wave in globalization, as exemplified by "huge new investments by India and China in each other's booming economies" (International Herald Tribune, Nov. 9, 2005)
The Millennium Development Goals and Conservation: Managing Nature's Wealth for Society's Health Volume of essays edited by Dilys Roe on how to achieve both sustainable development & eradication of poverty (International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Nov. 2004; PDF format)
The Miracles of Globalization Arvind Panagariya's review of Martin Wolf's Why Globalization Works (Foreign Affairs, Sept./Oct. 2004)
Myths and Corrections Will Hutton's review of "two very different approaches to the globalisation debate in Martin Wolf's Why Globalisation Works and David Held's Global Covenant" (Guardian Unlimited, July 10, 2004)
NGOs: Fighting Poverty, Hurting the Poor Sebastian Mallaby's commentary on "media-savvy Western activists ... staging protests to block projects that allegedly exploit the developing world" (Foreign Policy, Sept./Oct. 2004; free registration required)
NewOur House of Cards Andrew Leonard's review of Barry Lynn's End of the Line: The Rise and Coming Fall of the Global Corporation, which predicts an imminent economic disaster resulting from globalization (Salon, Sept. 15; 2005)
Political Dimenstions of Globalization and Equity in East Asia Wilfrido Villacorta's 2003 paper for Global Development Network (GDN) (PDF format)
NewPromoting Fair Globalization in Textiles and Clothing in a Post-MFA Environment ILO's "Report for discussion at the Tripartite Meeting on Promoting Fair Globalization in Textiles and Clothing in a Post-MFA Environment," with tables & graphics (2005; PDF format)
Q&A: Jagdish Bhagwati on Trade Interview of a leading advocate of free trade (Council on Foreign Relations, Jan. 16, 2003; free registration with New York Times required)
Santa Clausewitz, a Minor Chinese God Spengler's commentary on the emergence of a Sino-US duopoly, "the most disruptive force in world economic life since cheap British textiles crushed India's weaving industry" (Asia Times, Dec. 21, 2004)
Soccer Vs. McWorld Franklin Foer's essay on the limits of globalization as revealed by the most global of sports (Foreign Policy, Jan./Feb. 2004)
Spreading Democracy: The World's Most Dangerous Idea Eric J. Hobsbawm arguing that the campaign to spread democracy is dangerous & doomed to failure (Foreign Policy, Sept./Oct. 2004)
Testing the Currents of Multipolarity Michael A. Weinstein on the "tendency toward a multipolar configuration of world politics" (EurasiaNet Eurasia Insight, Dec. 16, 2004)
'Wake Up and Face the Flat Earth' YaleGlobal's interview with Thomas L. Friedman, author of The World Is Flat, on "the flattening of the global playing field and the forces that are doing it" & the death of the anti-globalization movement (Apr. 18, 2005)
The Wal-Mart Effect Los Angeles Times special series (Nov. 2003)
What Are the Right Institutions in a Globalizing World?: And .. Can We Keep Them If We've Found Them? Roumeen Islam on the debate over degree & area of standardization of institutions with increasing trade integration (World Bank Working Paper, Nov. 2004; PDF format)
What Is Globalization Doing to Your Business? A Boston Consulting Group report, with Low-Cost Country (LCC) Matrix comparing the speed & magniture of the migration of selected industries to LCCs (Feb. 2004; PDF format)
Whose Debt?: Globalisation and Whitefacing in Asia Patricia Goon & Allison Craven's paper in Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context (Issue 9, Aug. 2003)
NewWomen Working in Global Supply Chains: Are Retailers Trading away Workers Rights? Summary of an Oxfam report on "how big brand companies and retailers are driving down employment conditions for women workers ... [by} exploit[ing] their position at the top of global supply chains to squeeze their suppliers to deliver" (Jan. 2004)
NewThe World Is Round John Gray's review of Thomas L. Friedman's The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century (The New York Review of Books, Aug. 11, 2005)
The World's First Multinational Nick Robins on the lessons for today from the history of the East India Company as the first "imperial corporation" (New Statesman, Dec. 13, 2004)
NewA Year of Living Dangerously Francis Fukuyama drawing on Olivier Roy's Globalized Islam & commenting on radical Islam as a product not of the assertion of traditional values of Islam, but of the "deterritorialization" of Islam for Muslim immigrants & their children in Western societies (OpinionJournal, Nov. 2, 2005)
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Data & Statistics
Foreign Policy: Globalization Index
Annual "index that measures a countrys global links, from foreign direct investment to international travel, telephone traffic, and Internet servers"
The Free & The Unfree Atlas of the intellectual property world, showing "how IP enforcers are manning the ramparts while IP antagonists are challenging the protection regime" (Wired, June, 2004)
Content-Rich Human Development Reports United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)'s annual reports presenting "agenda-setting data and analysis and calls international attentions to issues and policy options that put people at the center of strategies to meet the challenges of development today - economic, social, political, and cultural"
Human Development Report 1999: Globalization with a Human Face A U.N. report on the effects of globalization on inequalities between rich & poor; ranking of 174 countries on the human development index (HDI), & table on trends in human development from 1975 to 1997 for 79 countries
Measuring Globalization: 2005 A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy Globalization Index "ranking of political, economic, personal, and technological globalization in 62 countries reveal[ing] that the world is still coming together" (site registration required)
Ranking the Rich: the 2004 Commitment to Development Index "CGD/FP Commitment to Development Index rank[ing] 21 of the world's richest countries based on their dedication to policies that benefit the 5 billion people living in poorer nations worldwide"
Content-Rich The UC Atlas of Global Inequality "explores the interaction between global integration (globalization) and inequality, and provides maps, graphics and data": plus glossary & bibliography
Content-Rich World Development Reports (WDR) World Bank's annual guides "to the economic, social and environmental state of the world today," with each issue providing "in depth analysis of a specific aspect of development," & with selected World Development Indicators
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