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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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The Ainu in Japanese Society
blank space See also the pages on Japanese society & culture, social customssocial conditions & issues, women & family issues, & intercultural relations.
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Ainu Association of Hokkaido (in Japanese) News; magazine; guide
The Ainu Museum (Shiraoi, Hokkaido) Essays on the history, culture & religious practices of the Ainu people
Assimilation Policy in Okinawa: Promotion, Resistance, & "Reconstruction" A paper by Steve Rabson (1997)
Collection from the Ainu & the Amur Area Samples from the Museum of Ethnography, Hungary, collected by Baráthosi Balogh Benedek: artifacts, photos, drawings of amulets & idols, & essay on the Ainu & the people of the Amur area
NOVA Online: Island of the Spirits A companion site to Nova's program on Hokkaido: origins of the Ainu; Ainu legends; "Find your way" (interactive science feature); resources
A Statement of Opinion Regarding the Partial Revision of I.L.O. Convention No. 107 A statement by the Ainu Association of Hokkaido demanding change in Japan's ethnic policy
Toward a Genuine Redress for an Unjust Past: The Nibutani Dam Case Toshiaki Sonohara's analysis of a dam construction case with implications for the cultural rights of the Ainu
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