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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Japan: Intercultural Relations
blank space See also the pages on Japanese society & culture, social customssocial conditions & issues, women & family issues, & the Ainu.
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Content-Rich Arudou Debito/Dave Aldwinckle's Home Page A collection of over 250 personal essays on intercultural relations & other Japan-related topics from the perspective of an American academic living in Japan
At Home in Japan: What No One Tells You An interactive tutorial for becoming familiar with Japanese culture through replication of the trial-and-error process of "being there" & learning about what no one tells a newscomer
Black Tokyo: Blacks in Japan A community site for blacks in Japan: business directory, interviews, calendar, etc.
Communication Breakthrough: Bilingual Language Exchange Forum "created to provide a space in which Americans & Japanese can communicate--without the worry of a language barrier"
The Community Group seeking "to represent & organize the scattered & varied peoples who are concerned about the treatment of non-Japanese in Japan"
Dis-Orientation: Japan from a Western Viewpoint in Topsy-Turvy and The Mikado Eve Kushner's analysis of Mitch Leigh's 1999 film & Gilbert & Sullivan's 1885 comic opera (Bright Lights Film Journal, Issue 30, Oct. 2000)
East-West Cultural Differences in Basic Life Stance An essay by Steve McCarty
The Foreigner - Japan "an online magazine on living, working and traveling in Japan"
Gaijin a Go-go Cafe Famous Western actors in Japanese TV commercials: Quicktime videos & storyboards with translations & still captures
The Han World: Korean Residents in Japan (in Japanese, Korean & English) A project seeking to promote a better understanding of Koreans in Japan from academic & scientific perspectives
Issho Kikaku "a non-profit organization formed by Tokyo-based foreign nationals which uses performing arts projects, symposia & computer networking to facilitate the internationalization process in Japan"
Japan for Dummies Adventures of 2 Westerners trying to do as the Japanese do
Japanese Only: The Otaru Hotspring Case and Discrimination Against "Foreigners" in Japan Arudou Debito on "promoting the passage of anti-discrimination laws and challenging blatantly discriminatory actions in the courts" (Japan Focus, Nov. 2004) Information for foreigners on living, working & traveling in Japan
JET Alumni Association International (JETAA) Organization of alumni of the JET program, which places young overseas graduates with host institutions in Japan as coordinators for international relations or assistant language teachers
Kasei Wago 華声和語 A Japanese-language electronic magazine for those interested in China, Sino-Japanese relations, & Chinese living in Japan
Living Information Handbook Various handbooks for foreigners living in Japan: emergency; housing & removals; living in Japan; procedures for residency; alien registration; health & medical services; welfare; employment; education; tax; birth/childcare; transportation
Nikkei Identity in Oizumi, Japan "a transnational space that explores Brazilian & Peruvian experiences in Japan ... a world enmeshed in the negotiation of economics, ethnicity, nationality, community, &, -- ultimately -- identity"
Panderers in Japan ""mission" ... to poke a little fun at western stars who advertise products in Japan they might not necessarily use": video clips of ads made by Western stars categorized alphabetically
Postcolonial Perspecitive on Intercultural Relations: A Japan-U.S.Example An essay in The Edge by William Kelly
A Practical Guide to Working as a Scientist in Japan Robert W. Ridge's guide based on his experience as a biologist at ICU
Revisiting Japan's Internationalization: Reflections on the JET Program after 14 Years David McConnell's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Winter 2002)
Shijo-Tsushin English Homepage Newsletter for the exchange of cultural experiences of the kikokushijo (people who have grown up abroad & returned to Japan)
Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu's Homepage Homepage of scholar whose research "focuses on issues of diversity in Japan and the United States, including multiethnicity, transnationalism, Amerasians and Okinawa": full text available for some articles & essays
Tokyo Alien Eyes (in Japanese, English & Korean) "a non-profit/non-government support organization for foreigners' rights in Japan"
Tokyo With Kids "The interactive online community for English speaking parents in Tokyo & all of Japan"
TokyoTokyoTokyo (in English & Japanese) "designed to promote mutual understanding for both Japanese and non-Japanese and to make Japan a more comfortable country to live in for all": exchanging views; learn Japanese; guide to Tokyo, etc.
Treasure Box - Discovery of Japan Information for foreigners living or about to live in Japan, so that they have "a smooth transition and easier life"
Weblog Japan Aiming "to grow into a complete and useful guide for foreigners living or travelling in Japan"
Zipangu (in Japanese & English) "a grass-root, non-profit organization [exploring] possibilities of dynamic dialogue between people from different cultures, especially... Japan [&] the U.S.A": Pearl Harbor Project exploring American & Japanese views & understandings of Pearl Harbor through questionnaires; transcultural issues & news
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