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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Mongolia: History & Culture
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NewAttitudes Towards Conversion Among the Elite in the Mongol Empire Paper for Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast 2002 Conference by Timothy May, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Baldan Baraivan: Rebuilding a Monastery in Mongolia A Cultural Restoration Tourism Project restoring an 18th century Tibetan-style temple
Content-Rich The Buryat Home Page An extensive site "about the shamanism, folklore, history, & poetry of the Buryats," a Mongolian people living in Buryatia, Mongolia & Inner Mongolia
Buryat Mongolian Shamanism Introduction to basic ideas (cosmology, the natural & spirit worlds, the shaman, healing & causes of illness); terms; ritual calendar; star lore; picture gallery, etc.
Carleen's Mongolia Home Page A former Peace Corps volunteer's take on the educational & cultural scene of Mongolia
Genghis Khan - NGS Timeline & biography of Genghis Khan, images & reflections on Mongolia today by 2 National Geographic staffers on assignment
Hua-I ih-yu (in Mongolian, Russian & English) Mongolian part of a Chinese linguistic work compiled in the early Ming Dynasty: vocabulary & edicts of the Yuan Khan
Introduction to the Art of Mongolia Terese Tse Bartholomew's essay in conjunction with the 1995 Mongolian Exhibition at the Asian Art Museum
The Legacy of Genghis Khan Companion site to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art exhibition: Mongols in China; Mongols in Iran; Mongols & Islam; new role of manuscript illustration in Iran; a new visual language; exhibition info & credits
Content-Rich Modern Mongolia: Reclaiming Genghis Khan Exhibit on life in modern Mongolia & Ghengis Khan's legacy, presented by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, in cooperation with the National Museum of Mongolian History
The Mongol Empire History; Legacy of the Mongols; Map of the Mongol Empire; List of Great Khans; Selected Timeline; The Mongol War Machine
Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan Exhibition of Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
Mongolia Society "a private, non-profit, non-political organization interested in promoting & furthering the study of Mongolia, its history, language, & culture"
Mongolia Today An online magazine published by "two Mongolian journalists dedicated to the preservation of the centuries old unique culture of Mongol nomads"
Mongolian Music: Interview with Altai-Hangai Conversation with the Mongolian musical group "about tradition, innovation & the future of Mongolian music," with audio clips of throat-singing & the horse-head fiddle
The Mongols WebQuest A teaching unit by teachers & librarians of Gananda High School, Macedon, New York
National Costumes of the Mongolian People's Republic An introductory essay with about 100 images
Nomads Web site of tour company, with information on the culture, religion & environment of Mongolia
Patrick's Mongolia Page Pictures, stories & links on Mongolia from a former Peace Corps volunteer
The Secret History of the Mongols Transliterations & translations of the first work on the Mongols, written around 1240; bibliography
Under a Broken Sky A Time Asia story on the threat to the way of life of Mongolia's nomads (Feb. 24, 2003)
Virtual Mongol (in English & Japanese) Electric Samurai's topically organized photos of Mongolia, photos & QuickTime VR views of sites in Japan related to the Mongol invasions, & QuickTime clips of live performances of Mongolian music
Women of the Mongol Court "edited notes ... from a lecture by Morris Rossabi, ... in conjunction with Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan, an exhibition at the Denver Art Museum"
Yurt Quest: In Search of Ger Information on the construction of a Mongolian yurt (or ger)
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