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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Philippines: Business & Economy
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Asian Development Bank (ADB): Philippines Philippines and ADB; country reports; news releases; related topics
Economic Integration, International Labour Migration & Standards A paper by MA Nieves Roldan-Confesor for a project of the Human Resource Development Task Force of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC-HRD) (1997)
The Employment Impact of Business-to-Consumer e-Commerce on Philippine Workers Discussion paper by Robert E. de Vera (Philippine APEC Study Center Network, Sept., 2002)
External Liberalization, Growth & Distribution in the Philippines Conference paper by Joseph Y. Lim & Carlos C. Bautista, University of the Philippines (Mar. 2002; PDF format)
Philippine Trade Network Commercial directory of Philippine manufacturers & exporters
Philippines Country Analysis Brief A brief compiled by the Energy Information Administration, with emphasis on energy resources, production & consumption (May 2002)
Philippines Fisheries in Crisis: A Framework for Management Book by Stuart Green et al. (USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse, 2003; PDF format)
Philippines Overview 2003 From World Bank's East Asia Update: Looking Beyond Short-Term Shocks (Apr. 2003; PDF format)
Philippines--Selected Issues An International Monetary Fund Country Report (Aug. 1999)
Philippines--Statistical Appendix An International Monetary Fund Country Report (Aug. 1999)
Philippines: Report on the Observance of Standards & Codes--Fiscal Transparency Module An International Monetary Fund Country Report (Oct. 2002)
Rural electrification and development in the Philippines: measuring the social and economic benefits A 2002 World Bank study
Science and Technology Advisory Council - Japan "formed by the alliance of engineers and scientists" as advisory board "to assist and provide [Japan's Secretary of Foreign Affairs] advice in the formulation of substantive policies" to promote science & technology as tool for Philippine development
Why is Unemployment High in the Philippines? An International Monetary Fund Working Paper by Ray Brooks (Feb. 2002)
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