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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Taiwan: Culture
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General Literature Music
Performing Arts Images Cinema
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Content-Rich Council for Cultural Affairs (in Chinese & English) Very extensive cultural resources: searchable databases for contemporary literature, cultural relics, cultural activities, & local culture; official documents related to culture; discussion forum, etc.
NewGods, Ghosts, & Ancestors: Folk Religion in a Taiwanese Village David K. Jordan's ethnographic study of "the religious beliefs and practices of an agricultural village of Southern Taiwan in the middle 1960s" (3rd ed., 1999)
NewLee Ao Personal site of the famous writer, former presidential candidate, & independent legislator: news & essays
Content-Rich National Tsing Hua University: Qingwei Yuan (in Chinese) A Web-based knowledge park, with exhibitions in the sciences, the arts, history, living, education, literary digest, environmental protection, & planetarium
Content-Rich National Palace Museum Museum information, exhibitions, virtual tours, etc.
POTS "The Voice of Generation Next, " a weekly seeking to portray the spirit of Taipei: news; commentary; the arts; weekly calendar
Content-Rich Research Unit on Taiwanese Culture and Literature, Ruhr University Bochum (in German & English) Studia Formosiana; Taiwan papers; bibliographies; publications; links, etc.
Sinorama Magazine (in Chinese, English & Japanese) Magazine about the society & culture of Taiwan
Taipei Bookstores An annotated list of general & specialized bookstores in Taipei
Taiwan Studies Bibliographies (in German) Bibliographies of Chinese & Western sources on Taiwanese culture & literature, compiled by Department of Chinese Language and Culture, Ruhr University Bochum
Content-Rich Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan Government Information Office's introductory essays on diverse aspects of Chinese culture & arts
Content-Rich Wanglu zhanshu du (in Chinese) A collaborative project of Yuan Ze University, Academia Sinica & National Central Library in Taiwan & Washington Univeristy in the U.S.: a searchable database of classical literature & history
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Bongpo A magazine in Taiwanese
Hoyloy "the first Web site ever built where English readers may learn something about the Hoyloy language [Taiwanese] & its culture"
Lianchiauhoe A magazine in Taiwanese
Tai-bun Thong-sin: Taiwanese Writing Forum A literary journal in the Taiwanese vernacular
Content-Rich Taiwan Literature Studies Database Tu Kuo-ch'ing's database of over 3,000 entries, searchable by author, title, keyword etc. & browseable by book or journal title (in Chinese) A literary network publishing fiction, essays & poetry online
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Taiwan Songs (in Chinese) Hokkienese, Hakka, aboriginal & Mandarin songs: history; representative songs with score, lyrics, explanatory text & audio file; composers & lyricists; musical instruments; MTV
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Performing Arts
3P Performing Arts Net (in Chinese) News, views & reviews of performing arts in Taiwan
Cloud Gate Dance Theater History, news, repertoire & reviews of a leading modern dance company
Cyberstage Taiwan A government-funded bilingual site on performing arts in Taiwan: portfolios of performing groups, video excerpts, capsule biographies, culture centers, etc.
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Content-Rich National Repository of Cultural Heritage: New Vistas for Old Photographs (in Chinese) Old photos related to the history & culture of Taiwan from institutional & private collections
Taiwan in the 1950s "series of photographs by Frederick J. Foley"
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