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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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The Vietnam War
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77 Conversations between Chinese and Foreign Leaders on the Wars in Indochina, 1964-1977 Cold War International History Project Working Paper #22, edited by Odd Arne Westad, Chen Jian, Stein Tønnesson, Nguyen Vu Tung & James G. Hershberg (PDF version)
The American Experience/Vietnam On Line PBS's companion site to "Vietnam, A Television History", with transcripts, essays, timeline, & reference materials
Content-Rich Texas Tech University: The Vietnam Center "dual missions of funding and guiding the development of the Vietnam Archive and encouraging continuing study of all aspects of the American Vietnam experience": includes the Oral History Project & the Virtual Vietnam Archive
The Battlefield Text on & selected photos from the "Joint Photo Exhibition by Kyoichi Sawada & Toshio Sakai [,] The Two Photojournalists Who Won the Pulitzer Prize"
Battlefield: Vietnam Military tactics, strategies & weaponry used in the Vietnam War; brief history, timeline, Web resources
Beijing's Position on the Vietnam Peace Talks, 1965-68: New Evidence from Chinese Sources Cold War International History Project Working Paper #18 by Qiang Zhai (PDF version)
Changes in Mao Zedong's Attitude toward the Indochina War, 1949-1973 Cold War International History Project Working Paper #34, by Yang Kuisong (PDF version)
CIA & the Vietnam Policymakers: Three Episodes 1962-1968 Harold P. Ford's report published by the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence (CSI)
Content-Rich Edwin Moise's Vietnam War Bibliography List of "more than 4,000 items, with direct links to the texts of several hundred that are available online"
Experiences as a POW in Vietnam Rear Admiral James B. Stockdale's essay in The Naval War College Review (Winter 1998)
The Fall of Saigon A New York Times on the Web Learning Network special: introductory essay by Malcolm W. Browne, articles from the archives, & various teaching aids
General Nguyen Van Hieu's Page (in Vietnamese, English & French) Biography of a South Vietnamese general, with links to articles on other ARVN generals
Historical Text Archive: Vietnam War A list of relevant links
History of the Vietnam War 101 An on-line discussion forum presented by Edwin Moise
History of Vietnam & the Vietnam War From Vets with a Mission, articles on the history of Vietnam & the Vietnam War, & profiles of those who fought in the War
LBJ in the Oval Office: Johnson's Vietnam Anguish Conversations with Adlai Stevenson, McGeorge Bundy, Richard Russell, & George Reedy in RealAudio format
Legacy Project Library: Vietnam War Related visual art & films
Lyndon B. Johnson: The Vietnam Dilemma From American RadioWorks' The President Calling: audio & transcripts of LBJ's phone conversations related to Vietnam
Misunderstanding Vietnam Richard Megargee's review essay in The Naval War College Review (Summer 2000)
Murder in the name of war - My Lai 5-part BBC News series on the My Lai massacre, with Vietnam War timeline & links
The My Lai Courts-Martial 1970 On the 1968 My Lai massacre & its cover-up: chronology; maps; the law of war; peers report; bibliographies; court martial excerpts; questions for discussion; images; links & bibliography
My Lai Peace Park Project Project undertaken by Madison Friends & envisioned "as "a place for children to entertain & a place where people can meditate over the past with its suffering & losses & also to hope for a better future"
My Lai Today A short video by Steven Leibo documenting a June 2000 visit to the massacre site
New Evidence on the Vietnam/Indochina Wars Index to several related articles with documents & commentary published in Cold War International History Project Bulletin 6-7, "Cold War in Asia"
Observations on Life at the Khe Sanh Combat Base & The Withdrawal from Khe Sanh Essays by Peter Brush, a Marine Corps veteran of the siege of Khe Sanh
Peace Church, Vietnam: An American Journey A Washington Post story with audio & photo galleries, map, discussion forum, map, chronology, & resources
POW/MIA Database U.S. government documents searchable by last name, country name, service branch, or keywords
Re: Vietnam -- Stories Since the War "a gathering place for personal stories & a forum for dialogues about Vietnam's legacy"
Recalling the Vietnam War "reminiscences [of] leading players in the drama and analysts of the events," drawn from Conversations with History series, Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley
Remembering Vietnam An Online NewsHour Special Report
A Resurrected Picture of the Vietnam War, From the Other Side From the New York Times, "a visual record of the war from the Communist side"
Revisiting Vietnam: Thoughts Engendered by Robert McNamara's In Retrospect Review by Harold P. Ford (Studies in Intelligence, 1996)
Richard M. Nixon: Bombing for Peace From American RadioWorks' The President Calling: audio & transcripts of Nixon's phone conversations related to the 1972 bombing of North Vietnam
Southeast Asia Database of Air Sorties, 1/1970 - 6/1975 A National Archives and Record Administration data file
The Soviet-Chinese-Vietnamese Triangle in the 1970's: The View from Moscow CWIHP Working Paper No. 25, by Stephen J. Morris
Study Guide to the Vietnam War (using books) Bob Starr's annotated & categorized list with word count, estimated study time, & links to C-SPAN's author interview series, Booknotes, & to reviews (if available) for each book; recommended study tracks
Studying the Vietnam War Online Bob Starr's annotated & categorized guide with recommended study track
Toledo Blade Special Report: Tiger Force 2004 Pulitzer Prize winning series "uncovering the atrocities of an elite U.S. Army fighting unit in the Vietnam War that killed unarmed civilians and children during a seven-month rampage"
Tonkin Gulf Resolution (1964) Downloadable images of one of the milestone documents featured by initiative; background; transcript
Under Fire: Images from Vietnam Gallery of images by several photographers, with biographies, interviews, & bibliography of books on the Vietnam War
U.S. Army Center of Military History: Vietnam War A listing of the Center's online publications
The U.S. Coast Guard in Vietnam: Achieving Success in a Difficult War Jonathan S. Wiarda's analysis in The Naval War College Review (Spring 1998)
Vietnam: 1954-1968 Episode 11 of CNN's series on the Cold War: multimedia recap; episode script; interactive map; interviews; historical documents; knowledge bank; message boards
Vietnam: 25 Years Later's commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam, with articles on the war's enduring effects & the screening of Barbara Sonneborn's documentary "Regret to Inform"
Vietnam: Echoes from the Wall "an interactive educational tool ... enabling every high school student to gain a heightened sense of responsibility, leadership & global understanding"
Vietnam: the Last Battle Text on Vietnam 1978-1998, with video clips from the documentary of John Pilger, chronology, related sites, articles, & books
Vietnam: Yesterday & Today Chronology & characteristics of the Vietnam War; subject book lists; War literature; Web links
Vietnam 25 Years Later An AsiaTODAY special report (4/26/2000): commentary & articles; links
Content-Rich The Vietnam Conflict "An academic information portal for education & research" organized topically & maintained by John K. Swensson of De Anza College
Vietnam Passage: Journeys from War to Peace Companion site for PBS documentary: Saigon from colonial times to its reincarnation as Ho Chi Minh City; stories of on five Vietnamese & 1 American touched by the War; perspectives on Vietnam's past, present, & future; resources; teacher's guide
Content-Rich  The Vietnam War Atlas Maps produced by the United States Military Academy's Department of History
Content-Rich Vietnam War Bibliography Compiled by Richard Jensen, Professor of History Emeritus, U of Illinois
The Vietnam War Declassification Project Declassified National Security Adviser files released by the Gerald R. Ford Library in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of Phnom Penh & Saigon
The Vietnam War Photo Album Photos of general interest & for particular branches of the military
Vietnamese Archives and Scholarship on the Cold War Period: Two Reports CWIHP Working Paper No. 7, by Mark Bradley and Robert K. Brigham (PDF version)
The Wars for Vietnam Robert Brigham's senior seminar at Vassar, with overview, documents (including his translations of Hanoi documents), & links
Wartime Lies Jonathan Mirsky's review of David Elliott's The Vietnamese War & Daniel Ellsberg's Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers (The New York Review of Books, Oct. 9, 2003)
Who Murdered "Marigold"? New Evidence on The Mysterious Failure of Poland's Secret Initiative To Start U.S.-North Vietnamese Peace Talks, 1966 -- Cold War International History Project Working Paper No. 27 by James G. Hershberg with the assistance of L.W. Gluchowski: PDF version
NewWho's in Charge? Chalmers Johnson's review of Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers, by Daniel Ellsberg (London Review of Books, Feb. 6, 2003)
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