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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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China-Related Blogs & Discussion Forums
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China-Related Blogs Chinese-Language Blogs Chinese-Language Discussion Forums
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China-Related Blogs
NewChina Herald "Weblog with daily updates of the news on the emerging civil society in China, from the quirky perspective of Shanghai-based journalist Fons Tuinstra"
China Review Member of the Living on the Planet network of regional blogzines around the world: Living in China blogzine; blog entries aggregated by topic
China Weblog Richard Eriksson's "weblog about China [with] primary focus will be on current events"
Dan Washburn's Shanghai Diaries Shanghai-based American journalist's blog on China & other topics, including "Best of Shanghai," his 4-month journey across China, & photo gallery
NewEastSouthWestNorth Blog A blog with commentary on current developments in China, Hong Kong, & Taiwan
Isaac Mao: Lifelong (e)learning Personal page of a Chinese researcher & consultant in educational technology & co-founder of, with links to his Weblogs in Chinese & English; backup site
Living in China "a new community 'blogzine' produced by a cooperative of bloggers and writers with a focus on China," with blog aggregator
NewT-Salon Hong Kong blogger Andrea Leung's journal for sharing her readings on China, & exploring ideas on Chinese civil society, personal and community knowledge management and the media
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Chinese-Language Blogs
NewAdopt a Chinese Blog Grassroots program program aiming to help Chinese bloggers move their hosting offshore & circumvent government regulations
NewBingfeng Teahouse Observations on China by a Shanghai-based businessman Chinese-language blogs A Chinese-language blog site with regional index
Content-Rich (in Chinese) Search engine for blogs; blog on blogs; Chinese-language blogs; WeblogPedia
I am Not Boke (in Chinese) A Chinese blogger's objections to use of the term boke as a corruption of the spirit of blogging, with discussion of history of the Chinese terms for blog
NewMuzimei Writings & news of & commentary on Muzimei, penname of Li Li, a Guangzhou writer whose 2003 Weblog on her prodigious sexual adventures attracted great attention & controversy
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Chinese-Language Discussion Forums (in Chinese) A Chinese BBS for discussion forums on all kinds of topics, and posting of literary, artistic & musical works BBS (in Chinese) Hosted by chinadotcom Corporation: discussion forums on topics including current affairs & military affairs
Supervision by Public Opinion of China (in Chinese) A site for expression of public opinion & publications exposing official corruption
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