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Culture (General)
China Bibliography Marilyn Shea's collection of general references & resources on various topics in Chinese culture, history & society
The China Experience: China Culture Index's extensive set of articles on aspects of Chinese culture: arts & crafts; clothing; festivals; food & drink; transportation; script & calligraphy; folk custom; literature; ancient relics; performing arts; architecture; people
China the Beautiful - Chinese Art & Literature Poetry in translation, calligraphy, painting gallery, flashcards for learning Chinese, portraits of emperors, links to museums
China10k (in Chinese & English) From China10K Omnimedia, a Chinese culture content provider, articles on China's history & culture, special programs, cultural marketplace, travel information, & museums
Chinabao (in Chinese) China Federation of Literary & Art Circles's commercial arts Web site : literature; visual arts; performing arts; music
ChinaLinks for HyperChina Users Sinologic's list of sites categorized by subject: language, literature, history, philosophy, etc.
Chinese Cultural Studies: Bibliography Paul Halsall's extensive bibliography of sources in English, organized by topic
The Chinese Odyssey A Thinkquest project: history; the arts; picture gallery; military game
Chinese Sourcebook on the Internet Yoav Ariel's collection of links on Chinese philosophy/classics, sinology, art, history, & language
Cultural Institute (in Chinese) Cultural magazine, news, & activities
The Glory of Chinese Printing An online exhibition: a history illustrated with images of artefacts from the Printing Museum of China
Guide to Tibetan Art, Theater & Music Maintained by Janice M. Glowski & part of the Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
Literacy, Writing & Education Barend J. ter Haar's topically organized bibliography of secondary literature on literacy, orality, writing (functions & status) & education from pre-Qin period to the present (in Chinese) A Web site for news on Chinese culture & entertainment
NewModern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center "bibliographies of mostly English-language materials on modern Chinese literature, film, art, and culture ... maintained by Kirk A. Denton and Thomas Chan," Ohio State University
Rethinking Cultural Revolution Culture Heidelberg workshop & multimedia exhibition reevaluating culture & cultural life during the Cultural Revolution (2001)
Sinophilia Homepage A site on Chinese religions, art & history created by Diana Lavarini & Anna del Franco of Italy
TOM.COM (in Chinese & English) "Discover China"; artistic heritage; "Ask TOM"; the zodiac
Transnational China Project Project seeking " to expand the study of the influence of the transnational circulation of people, technologies, commodities & ideas in Chinese societies": commentaries in text & RealAudio formats; curriculum materials; image archive of China's consumer culture
Visible Traces: Rare Books & Special Collections from the National Library of China Asia Society's online exhibition with teacher's guide, games & links: rare books & manuscripts; epigraphical & pictorial rubbings; maps & atlases; texts & illustrations from China's ethnic minorities
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Art & Architecture
Antique Chinese Porcelain Collector's Free Help & Info Page "more than 290 pages of information ... about antique Chinese & Japanese porcelain, history, porcelain potting & the old East India company trade to China"
Art of China Homepage Images of art, crafts, & scenery; audio clips of music; food recipes; the Chinese zodiac
New The Art of the Horse in Chinese History "the first exhibition ever to explore the role of the horse in ... Chinese history & culture," hosted by the International Museum of the Horse
The Art of Tibet The Himalayan Art Project of the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation, seeking to "preserve the sacred art of the Himalayas": a searchable database of over 1,000 thangkas, with "information & commentary on [their] historical & religious significance"
The Art of Tibetan Sand Painting A virtual voyage viewing Tibetan monks create a mandala
Art Scene China A commercial contemporary Chinese art gallery
Beijing Wenbo Information Net: Relics & Museums Beijing Administrative Bureau of Cultural Relics' guide to museums, historic sites, exhibitions, auctions, & treasures of Beijing
Bibliography of Titles on Photography in China before 1949 Thomas H. Kahn's detailed descriptions of pre-1949 photo albums
Century Online China Art Networks (in Chinese & English) "a large international professional art network ... Aiming to promote Chinese national culture & arts"
China: 5,000 Years: the Modern Section Electronic exhibition: "Innovations in Chinese Painting (1850-1950)"; "The Modernist Generations (1920-1950)"; "Art for New China (1950-1980)"; Transformations of Tradition (1980-The Present)"
New China Avant-Garde: Chinese Contemporary Art A commercial site with online galleries
New Chinese Art and Architecture: An Annotated List of Recent Works in Western Languages From Smithsonian Institution, categorized list with introduction
Chinese Art News Net (in Chinese) Chinese art news; artists; columns; art institutions; sources & studies; publications; the art market
The Chinese Art Portal: Contemporary, Modern & Traditional Chinese Art from China Books, magazine, e-bulletin, & galleries
Chinese Art Slides Colby College collection that can be viewed by period, title, or medium
Chinese Calligraphy An introduction to the art of calligraphy with gallery & explanation of styles with examples
Chinese Folk Fine Arts Information Service System From Southeast University (Nanjing), a comprehensive introduction to the genres of & research on Chinese folk arts; index of the Journal of Chinese Folk Arts & Crafts
Chinese Paper Arts Traditional folds, Wei Xian paper cutting, modern money folds as practiced in the West, & links
Chinese Traditional Art A quarterly Webzine edited by Yin Jinan of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts: translations of articles on art history & archaeology by Chinese scholars, exhibition reviews, & auction updates
Chinese Type Contemporary Art Magazine Articles on contemporary Chinese artists, collections & exhibitions
Classical Chinese Furniture Information on decoration & style, materials, dating, joinery & construction, categories, history; also related links
Eternal China: Splendors from the First Dynasties Exhibition of sculptural objects from the Qin & Han dynasties
From Heaven & Earth: Chinese Jade in Context From the Huntington Archive, an online exhibition featuring 177 images with explanatory text, & essays on the craft of jade making & on the culture & society of China from ancient times through the 10th century
Inside Out -- New Chinese Art A Time Asia Photo Essay (10/24/2000)
Mirrors of the Heart-Mind Online exhibition of the Rezek Collection of Tibetan Art: 85 images with didactic text & 45 essays written by guest curators
New The Long March Project "project [aiming] to take both contemporary Chinese & international art to ... those people who live in communities along the route of Mao Zedong's historic Long March"
New Monks and Merchants: Silk Road Treasures from Northwest China, Gansu and Ningxia, 4th-7th Century Asia Society exhibition: heavenly horses; nomad rulers; Buddhism & China; Buddhist cave temples; Bodhisattvas; monks; merchants & currencies; the Tang Dynasty; the Silk Road
New Rubbings of Chinese Inscriptions Selected scans from the collection of the East Asian Library at the University of California, Berkeley
ShanghaiART "The first gallery for contemporary art in Shanghai," with capsule biographies of artists & images of their work
Sinophilia: Art A history of Chinese art; various topics
Taoism & the Arts of China An NEH-funded exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago
Tales from the Land of Dragons Exhibition of Chinese paintings from the permanent collection of Boston's Museum of Fine Arts
Tibet: Tradition & Change Exhibition of Tibetan art objects inspired by Buddhism at the Albuquerque Museum
Tibetan Art: Thanka Paintings An introduction to the figural tradition of Tibetan art
The Tibetan Tanka Exhibit Tankas from the Koelz Expedition owned by Univ. of Michigan's Museum of Anthropology & from the Koelz estate, with explanatory essays
Treasures from a Lost Civilization: Ancient Chinese Art from Sichuan Exhibition of artifacts from burial pits dated around 1200 B.C. at Sanxingdui, & from Sichuan sites of the Western Zhou & Eastern Han dynasties
New Yin Yu Tang, A Chinese Home Virtual exhibition of Peabody Essex Museum's re-erection of a Qing Dynasty merchant mansion
New Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art Tables of content with some articles available online
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Literature & Language
The Asociation of Chinese & Comparative Literature Website News & announcements of organization promoting "exchanges between scholars working in the field of Chinese & Comparative Literature in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada"
Banyan Tree (in Chinese) Original literary works by Chinese writers around the globe
Bibliography of Modern Chinese Literature & Film Extensive bibliography of mainly English-language materials maintained by Kirk A. Denton & Jeremy Sieg: Reference works, translations, author studies, Lu Xun, film, general studies, catalogs, online sources, e-texts
New A Chinese-Cantonese Syllabary Pronounced according to the Dialect of Canton (in Chinese) Electronic version of S.L. Wong's book, with search engine allowing inputting a Chinese character to find the Cantonese pronunciation or inputting Cantonese sound to find Chinese characters
Chinese Characters Dictionary Web "The major Chinese character dictionaries on the web ... [interlinked] at a character-to-character level"
Chinese Language Arthur Mitski's guide to various aspects of Chinese language (including calligraphy, characters, dialects, dictionaries, idioms & slang, & literature), as well as comics, software, music, etc.
The Chinese Language: Myths & Facts Article written by Timothy Light for the Asia Society's Focus on Asian Studies
Chinese Language Related Information Page Viewing & listening to Chinese on the Web; FTP sites & text files; educational, linguistic, & librarianship resources; Chinese-language software & radio broadcasts
Chinese Language Teachers Association (Links) Links to Chinese language & culture organizations, institutions teaching Chinese, study abroad/internship programs, sources on Chinese teaching & learning, & other resources relevant to the Chinese Language Teachers Association
Chinese Literature (in Chinese) A comprehensive directory of links on Chinese literature, grouped by genre
Chinese Online Reading Assistant "vocabulary-annotated Chinese articles for advanced students," created for a project with participation of 6 Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) institutions
Chinese Text Initiative E-texts of classical literature from the University of Virginia Library East Asian Section & Electronic Text Center
Chinese Women Writers: A Working Selected Detailed Annotated Bibliography A compilation by by Jace Condravy for the development of a course on Asian women writers
Dictionary of Chinese Characters Definitions of characters in Chinese or English, & readings in Mandarin, Cantonese, & Hakka
New Translate words from English to English, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified or Japanese
Epics in China: A Working Bibliography Translation of a Chinese bibliography by students of Mark Bender's graduate seminar on Chinese epic traditions at Ohio State University
Getting to Know Chinese Rare Books (in Chinese) From the National Central Library, Taiwan, (in Chinese) An enormous site for National Studies: full texts of classics, histories, philosophers, miscellaneous; modern studies; profiles of scholars; news; academic articles, journals, institutions & conferences; specialized fields of study such as Tang studies, poetry & lyrics, novels, theater; etc.
Hanquan Database of Ancient Texts (in Chinese) From the Palace Museum in Taipei, a searchable database of Chinese classical texts including the 13 Classics, pre-Qin philosophers, complete Tang poems, & the 25 Histories
New English-Chinese & Chinese-English dictionaries, in both Big5 & Guobiao versions
New The Horror of Being Ignored and the Pleasure of Being Left Alone: Notes on the Chinese Poetry Scene Essay by Maghiel van Crevel, Leiden University (Dec. 2002)
Hsi Yu Chi: The Chinese Fantasy Novel A site devoted to the classic Chinese novel The Journey to the West: summary; glossary & character profiles; downloadables; versions & interpretations; discussion forum
Index & Database on Chinese Writers Biographies of over 420 writers, with bibliographies & listings of works translated in Renditions
Jin Yong Inn (in Chinese) Novels by & information on the noted martial arts novelist
Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese The only bilingual refereed journal on contemporary literature in Chinese, published by Centre for Literature & Translation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Kleine Bibliothek der Xiucixue. Ein Archiv Klaus Horsten's bibliography of literature on xiucixue (rhetoric)
Learning Chinese Online Resources on learning pronunciation, conversations, characters, & grammar; reading materials; online dictionaries, etc.
New Lexiconer Online English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionaries Dictionary input by either traditional or simplified Chinese characters; vocabulary practices for TOEFL & GRE
New Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage (CUHK) With search tool, & radical, pinyin & English indices
Literature in Line: Lianhuanhua Picture Stories from China Electronic version of exhibition at the Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library: 13 picture stories ranging from historical & mythological to modern subjects
The Literature of Leisure in Late Imperial China Part of research project compiling bibliographic information on Ming-Qing leisure literature: author guide; collections; bibliography; reference; links
Louis Cha (in Chinese & English) Photos of Jin Yong, with biography, interviews, commentaries, & links to translations, songs, & novels
Lu Xun Home Page (in Chinese) Complete texts & critical analyses of Lu Xun's works, biographical accounts & chronology of his life, & news reports
Lu Xun, Father of Modern Chinese Literature Tim Gallaher's site dedicated to 20th century China's greatest writer, with biographical sketch, introduction to major works, & bibliography of & links to available translations
New Luc Devroye's Page on Chinese Fonts A compilation of Web links
Marjorie Chan's Chinese Language & Gender On-Line Bibliography A Chinese linguistics bibliography on language & gender, with a general linguistics bibliography on language & gender, links to online syllabi, & a bibliography of works on gender issues by scholars of Chinese not in the discipline of linguistics
New Learn Chinese with Clavis Sinica Commercial software "Combining a versatile Chinese text reader with a comprehensive & richly cross-referenced Chinese dictionary"
New Literary Selections from Women Writers (in Chinese) Contemporary women writers from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, overseas, & on the Internet; women writers of the past; news; commentaries; search tool
Marjorie Chan: Word Lists & Online Glossaries/Dictionaries An annotated list of Chinese & Japanese dictionaries & word lists
Modern Chinese Literature & Culture Scholarly journal publishing on "literature of all genres, film & television, popular culture, performance & visual art, print & material culture, etc.": tables of contents; resource center of bibliographies, links & image archive
The Novels of Gulong (in Chinese) Novels by the noted martial arts novelist
Novels of Jin Yong FAQ, essays, links, & trivia on the martial arts novels of Louis Cha (Jin Rong), the most popular novelist of the Chinese language
Olive Tree: Chinese Literature & Culture A Philadelphia-based Chinese online monthly literary magazine
On-line Chinese Tools Erik Peterson's "tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language," including flash cards, romanization converter, learning to draw Chinese characters, dictionaries, Chinese encoding converter, Western-Chinese calendar converter, East Asian currency converter, Chinese measurements, get a Chinese name, Chinese family relationships, etc.
Pearl S. Buck Peter Conn's Web site: photographic tour, video documentaries, films based on Buck's novels, news on Buck & her foundation
PL480 Microfiche Edition of Tibetan Literature Online Search Database in progress at the Toyo Bunko for the PL480 Microfiche Edition of Tibetan Literature preserved in the Library of Congress
Pristine Lexicon A searchable Chinese-English-pinyin lexicon of over 120,000 entries
Renditions Chinese-English translation journal published by the Research Centre for Translation of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Scripta Sinica (in Chinese) From Academia Sinica Computer Center (ASCC), Taiwan, a full-text database of classical texts, works on modern Chinese history, & studies on Taiwan history & culture
Speak Mandarin Campaign Singapore government's campaign to promote the use of Mandarin among Chinese Singaporeans: sample conversation lessons; vocabulary lists; multimedia features
Study Mandarin Using VOA Learn by listening to Voice of America newscast sound clips "while viewing the corresponding Chinese characters, pinyin pronunciations, & vocabulary lists with word definitions"
Seventh Sister & the Serpent A narrative poem of the Yi people, & "a rich repository of Yi social life, customs & mores"
New Tools in the Tibetan & Himalayan Digital Library: Software Tools for Tibetan input, diacritic input, Tibetan translation, etc.
USC: Chinese Language Program Information on the program; readings in Chinese including humor stories, historical origins of idioms & myths; business Chinese vocabulary & phrases; links
Writers-in-exile after Tiananmen Tragedy Essays in Road to East Asia Rick Harbaugh's Searchable Chinese character dictionary with zipu or "character genealogies"; Chinese dictionary Web; online readings; vocabularies; FAQ & other tools & links for learning Chinese characters
Xin Yu Si (New Threads) Monthly electronic publication of original essays, criticisms, & creative writings in Chinese
New Yahoo! Hong Kong Dictionary Searchable in Chinese or English
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Nobel Laureate Gao Xingjian
The Case for Literature (In Chinese, English, & Swedish) Gao Xingjian's Nobel Lecture
A Conversation with Gao Xingjian An AsiaSource interview
New Fleshing out the Dramaturgy of Gao Xingjian Claire Conceison's essay for Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, with images & video clips
Gao Xingjian - Video on Demand Interview by Horace Engdahl (Dec. 13, 2000); Nobel lecture
Gao Xingjian: Receiving Award at the "Other Shore" (in Chinese) Information on Gao & his Nobel award; reactions & criticisms of his work
Gao Xingjian Receives 2000 Nobel Prize in Literature A UCLA Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) Newsfile (Oct. 12, 2000), with news stories, reviews of Gao's work, & bibliography
Gao Xingjian's Talk at City University of Hong Kong A transcript of the Chinese text of Gao's lecture (Jan. 31, 2001)
The Nobel Prize in Literature 2000 The Nobel Foundation: Press release; presentation speech; biography; Nobel lecture; other resources
Nobel Laureate 2000 Gao Xingjian & his Novel Soul Mountain Mabel Lee's essay in CLCWeb: Comparative Literature & Culture: A WWWeb Journal 2.3 (2000)
Soul Mountain Chapters 1 & 2 from Mabel Lee's translation
Special Edition of Gao Xingjian's Nobel Award A China News Digest supplement (Oct. 14, 2000)
Works by Gao Xingjian An exhibition of Gao's art at the Schimmel Virtual Gallery
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Music & Theater
9,000 Year Old Chinese Flutes Article in Nature on oldest playable playable musical instruments found at early Neolithic site in China, with images & sound file
Abing, A Chinese Folk Musician Jonathan Stock's introduction to the life & music of the early 20th century musician Abing
New Bright Sheng, Composer, Pianist, Conductor Homepage of the MacArthur Fellowship recipient
Cantonese Opera Home Page A bilingual site: history; artists; playwrights; instruments; events; questions & answers; forum
CHIME - European Foundation for Chinese Music Research "a foundation for the promotion of Chinese music research, based in Leiden, the Netherlands": annual journal & conferences; monographs; projects; bibliography of books & articles on Chinese music
Chinese Music A brief introduction to the traditional music & musical instruments of China, with images
Chinese Music International Journal "an international refereed journal published quarterly by the Chinese Music Society of North America ... devoted wholly to the study of the music & acoustics of China"
Chinese Music Society of North America Information on musical groups, programs & publications, & short features on Chinese music & musicians
Chinese Rock Music Black List  Chinese rock music links
Christopher Evans' Guqin Pages A comprehsive introduction to traditional Chinese music in general & the guqin & its music in particular, with a list of Chinese music references & glossary
Cui Jian (in Chinese & English) Official site of the pioneering Chinese rock musician
Development of Beijing Opera During the Cultural Revolution in China Excerpts from Wendy A. Levine's 1995 thesis, with bibliography & image gallery
Giving the People What They Want: Cantonese Opera in the Twenties & Thirties A short account of a period of innovations in Cantonese opera
The Internet Chinese Music Archive A comprehensive archive of music files in SUN audio format: traditional music; modern music; popular music; ceremonial music; historical speeches, etc.
New Model Operas (Yangban xi) (in Chinese) Scanned comic book versions of the model operas of the Cultural Revolution
Peking Opera A comprehensive introduction to the history & aspects of Beijing (or Peking) Opera
Singing the Chinese Blues: An Interview with Liu Sola Conversation with "a composer & vocalist whose work combines elements of traditional Chinese folk music with contemporary American jazz & blues"
Songs of the Cultural Revolution Downloadable songs
Traditional Songs & Stories & a Glossary of Phrases of the Hua Miao of South West China Collected & translated by R. Keith Parsons, & maintained by Steve Rake: an archive of songs reflecting Miao history, society & culture, with map & introduction to Miao script
The Ultimate Turandot: House of Spectacle Photoessay on the 1998 production at the Forbidden City
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100 Greatest Chinese Films of the 20th Century As chosen by Asia Weekly, & translated & provided with links by Shelly Kraicer
New Absence as Spectacle -- Zhang Yimou's Hero Shelly Kraicer's review for Cinema Scope (3/2003)
Asian Film Connections: China "background information about the Chinese film industry, current trends & important events"; highlighted films with film stills & video clips; highlighted directors; educational curriculum
Chinese Cinema "history, news, & visual materials about Chinese cinema, ... [&] a bibliography of selected publications in English on Chinese cinema"
Chinese Cinema Page Shelly Kraicer's reviews of contemporary Chinese films from Taiwan, Hong Kong, & mainland China
Chinese Film in the 1930s Film synopses, critical studies, film magazines, image archive, & related links
Chinese Movie Database Searchable database of Chinese movies from 1905 to the present
The Emperor & The Assassin Official site of Chen Kaige's film, with synopsis, historical background, production notes, character guide, cast & credits, biographies, & stills & clips
New The Emperor and the Assassin Richard Falcon's review of Chen Kaige's 1999 film (Sight and Sound, Aug. 2000)
Film & Media Bibliography Bibliography listings by period, director & other categories -- Part of the Modern Chinese Literature & Culture (MCLC) Resource Center
New Hero Official site of Zhang Yimou's martial arts film about the First Emperor: production & cast information; seminars featuring discussion by principals; "making-of"
New Hero's collection of news & reviews
New Jia Zhangke: A Critical Database Compiled with critical essay by Kevin Lee: filmography; bibliography; articles in Senses of Cinema; Web resources
New Love and Swords: The Dialectics of Martial Arts Romance A Review of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon by Stephen Teo (Senses of Cinema, Issue No. 11, Dec 2000 - Jan 2001)
New Not One Less / Yi Ge Dou Bu Neng Shao Philip Kemp's review of Zhang Yimou's 1998 film (Sight and Sound, Aug. 2000)
Popular Cinema (in Chinese) Online version of Shanghai magazine on Chinese & world cinema, founded in 1950
New Riding Towards the Future: Wang Xiaoshuai's Beijing Bicycle Essay by Elizabeth Wright (Senses of Cinema, Issue No. 18, January-February 2002)
Screening Modern China: Chinese Film & Culture Eileen Chow's fall 2001 course at Harvard
New Shadow Magic. Imperial Peking's Cinematic Initiation Essay by Elizabeth Wright (Senses of Cinema, Issue No. 17, Nov.-Dec. 2001)
Shanghai Film Studio (in Chinese & English) movie stars, directors & creative artists; movie database; company information, etc.
New Suzhou River Review of Lou Ye's 2000 film by Lizzie Francke (Sight & Sound Dec. 2000)
New The Road Home Essay on Zhang Yimou's 1999 film by Dimitri Tsahuridis (Senses of Cinema, Issue No. 8, July-Aug 2000)
New The Road Home / Wo De Fu Qin Mu Qin John Mount's review of Zhang Yimou's 1999 film (Sight and Sound, Dec. 2000)
New "We Kicked Jackie Chanís Ass!" An Interview with James Schamus, co-writer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, by Stephen Teo (Senses of Cinema, Issue No. 13, Apr-May 2001)
New Xiao Wu Tony Rayns' review of Jia Zhangke's 1997 film (Sight and Sound, March 2000)
Xiu Xiu Story, clips & reviews of the film by Joan Chen
New Zhang Yimou: A Critical Database Compiled with critical essay by Mary Farquhar: filmography; bibliography; articles in Senses of Cinema; Web resources
New Zhang Yuanís Seventeen Years and Crazy English and Thai film Nang Nak Freda Freiberg's essay on 2 films of a leading 6th Generation director & a Thai ghost film (Senses of Cinema, Issue No. 8, July-Aug 2000)
Zhang Ziyi Forever A fan site of the Chinese actress with biography, filmography, pictures, & message board
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Social Issues & Conditions
6 Billion & Beyond: China The China section of a companion Web site to a PBS documentary on global population in the new millenium: overview; the environment; reproductive health; the economy; women's status
AiZi (in Chinese) Web site of an AIDS activist group in China
New Annotated bibliography on violence in Chinese culture Compiled by by Barend ter Haar, Leiden University, & organized into numerous categories
New Averting a Full-blown HIV/AIDS Epidemic in China Report of the CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) HIV/AIDS Delegation to China (Jan. 2003)
Beijing Scene "feature articles, profiles of opinion-makers in China & regular columns" providing "readers with an accurate, up-to-date & humorous insight into living & doing business in China's capital today"
China Along the Yellow River -- A Scholar's Observations & Meditations on Chinese Rural Society; Pt. II David Cowhig's reading notes on Book 1 of a rural survey by Chinese scholar Cao Jinqing (Sept. 2000)
China & the World Leftist Chinese views on social, political & historical developments of contemporary China
China Country Assessment: Two Decades of Poverty Reduction Country profile from the UNDP Poverty Report 2000
New China Development Brief (in English & Chinese) "an independent publication established in 1996 to report on aid to China, highlighting the work of international and Chinese NGOs"
China Development Briefing A Hong Kong journal on China's social & human development
China: Exploring the Interior, 1903-1904 Exhibition of R. Harvey Sargent's photos of the land & people of early 20th century North China, with explanatory captions
New Chinese Education & Research Network: Statistics A set of statistics on education, technology, & culture
Chinese Educational Resources Information Centre (Chinese ERIC) Electronic database of Chinese journal articles, policy papers, dissertations & theses on education, searchable by keywords
China Foundation, Inc A non-profit, charitable organization, the mission of which is "to raise funds to improve basic health services & elementary education in underdeveloped rural areas in China"
New China in the Red Companion site to PBS Frontline documentary on China's transition to a market economy: program in streaming video; roundtable discussion on "prospects for democratic reform and human rights in China" by 4 experts; China & the Internet; "Birth of a Beijing Music Scene," with Cui Jian music video; producer interview; chronology; teacher's guide
New China's Credibility Gap: Public Opinion & Instability in China Special report published by the Woodrow Wilson Center's Asia Program (Aug. 2002)
New China's Labor Lost Time Magazine's reports on joblessness, women in the workforce, & economic migrants (June 17, 2002)
New China's Next Cultural Revolution TIME Asia's special report on rapid cultural & social change in China (Nov. 11, 2002)
New China's Population and Development in the 21st Century White paper released by the Information Office of the State Council (Dec. 2000) (in Chinese & English) Genealogical resources including: Surname dictionary; ask an expert; genealogical data based on the Shanghai Library collection; database of records of births & marriages
Classically Romantic -- The Chinese View of Love An essay in Sinorama Magazine (in Chinese) A medical information & community site
New The Development-oriented Poverty Reduction Program for Rural China White paper released by the Information Office of the State Council (Oct. 2001)
Educational Disengagement: Undermining Academic Quality at a Chinese University Michael Agelasto's portrayal of Shenzhen University, "the most comprehensive study written to date about education at a Chinese university"
An Evaluation of the One Percent Cluster Sample of the 1990 Census of China Paper by William M. Mason & William Lavely (Oct. 2001)
Families with Children from China "nondenominational organization of families who have adopted children from China," providing network of support for adoptive parents
First Impressions of the 2000 Census of China Paper by William Lavely, University of Washington (Nov. 2001)
New Globalisation, Drugs, and Criminalisation: Final Research Report on Brazil, China, India, & Mexico An UNESCO report (2002): Drug Trafficking & the State; Drug Trafficking, Criminal Organisations & Money Laundering; "Social & Cultural Dimensions of Drug Trafficking; Methodological, Institutional & Policy Dimensions of the Research on Drug Trafficking
New HIV/AIDS: China's Titanic Peril 2001 update of the AIDS Situation & Needs Assessment Report by the UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS in China (June 2002)
The Hukou System & Rural-urban Migration in China: Processes & Changes Paper by Kam Wing Chan & Li Zhang (1998)
Inter-provincial Migration in China in the Post-1949 Era: Types, Spatial Patterns, & Comparisons Paper by Kam Wing Chan & Yunyan Yang (1996)
New Labor and Social Security in China White paper released by the Information Office of the State Council (Apr. 2002)
Living Arrangements & Mortality Risks of the Urban Elderly in Yunnan Province, China, 1995 Downloadable paper published by Population Studies Center, University of Michigan
Made in China A digital expedition: Explorations, Candide in China
Netor Memorial Where mourners can set up memorials for people & events, & leave eulogies, songs, flowers & candles; distinguished pedigrees; genealogies; memorial words; stories; religious works & knowledge; Chinese customs; classics; introduction to the dynasties
Newsweek: The New China A special report dated June 29, 1998, in conjunction with Clinton's state visit to China
On Workers' Rights to Organize & To Strike Notes on an article by Chang Kai,† Professor of Labor Relations
New The Politics of Rural Land Use Planning in China Frank Pieke's working paper for the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (2002)
Poverty Alleviation in China: Commitment, Policies & Expenditures A United Nations Human Development Programme occasional paper by Amei Zhang (1993)
Precious Children A companion Web site to a PBS documentary on early education in China
Rural-Urban Labor Migration Process in China A paper by Qiming Liu & Kam Wing Chan, Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology, Univ. of Washington (July 1999)
State Family Planning Commission Poulation & family planning in China: facts, views, & policies
University in Turmoil: The Political Economy of Shenzhen University Michael Agelasto's portrait of Shenzhen University, "the most comprehensive study written to date about a Chinese work-unit"
An Unsafe Playing Field: Labor Relations in Foreign Enterprises in China Ying Zhang-White's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Summer 1999)
New Voices from modern China BBC NEWS Online: "a range of people across the country ... speak about their daily lives, their hopes for the future, and how they are coping with the country's rapid change" (2002)
Young China A special issue of Time Asia (10/23/2000): patriotism; 'Generation Yellow'; gay culture & social developments; trends in the arts; youth & the future; statistics
Was World Bank Support for the Qinghai Anti-Poverty Project in China Ill-Considered? Essay by Pieter Bottelier in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Winter 2001) China, the Next Generation Series of 5 articles
Xungen "the first Chinese genealogy hub on the Internet dealing with Xing [family name] & Jia Pu [Chinese family tree]"
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Women's Issues & Communities (in Chinese) A virtual community providing 14 topics of interest to Chinese women, chat room, BBS, interviews of famous people, etc.
China Women's News (in Chinese & English) "only nationwide daily for women ... established [by All China Women's Federation] for the cause of the equality, liberation, & development of women"
Chinese Women on the Web Hong Kong-based "Chinese women's interest site which provides high quality content, community services, & e-commerce focused on important life events"
Chinese Women's Network (in Chinese & English) Official site of All-China Women's Federation "a place for educated, modern Chinese women to find personalized real-life advice, easy-to-use interactive tools, support, & all the resources needed during life's big transitions"
Footbinding An essay by Dawnelle Loiselle (in Chinese) "a homestead targeting the young & independent ladies & female-product providers"
(Inter)disciplining Chinese Women: An Introduction to the English Language Literature on Women's Studies in China Patricia Arend's bibliographic essay introducing the basic issues, with timeline & annotated bibliography (in Chinese) A community site providing a forum for Chinese women's issues & concerns
LadyNow (in Chinese) News & informational channels, bbs, & other features for the modern woman
New Nan Nü: Men, Women and Gender in Early and Imperial China TOC of e-journal (Jan. 2000 issue free)
One Thousand Years of Chinese Footbinding A student paper by Marie Vento for a Brooklyn College course on Chinese Culture
Sex Preference for Children in a Meifu Li Community in Hainan, China Paper by William Lavely, Jianke Li, & Jianghong Li (March 2001)
The Storm over Wuya (in Chinese) Discussion forum on the controversy over Wuya (Crow), a novel about gold-digging Chinese women in Singapore
New Traditions of Exemplary Women (Lienu zhuan) Chinese text of "the earliest extant book in the Chinese tradition solely devoted to the moral education of women," with introduction by Anne Behnke Kinney
Village Works: Photographs by Women in China's Yunnan Province An exhibition of pictures taken by Chinese women in 1992-93 during during a Women's Reproductive Health & Development Program in "an experimental "photovoice" approach to assessing the needs & resources of mountain villages in southwest China"
Women & Gender in Chinese Studies Network Network aiming to link European scholars working in Chinese women's/gender studies
Women Network (in Chinese) A women's community site run by Lianhe Zaobao
New World of Nushu (in English & Japanese) Research by Orie Endo of Bunkyo University on an endangered system of writing invented by women for communication among women (in Chinese) A Chinese women's Web forum based in Beijing
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Cross-Cultural Relations
New China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) (in English & Chinese) "responsible for receiving and reviewing the applications and other certifying documents of foreigners coming to China for adopting children": news; laws & regulations; relevant documents; guidelines; friendly exchanges & visits
Dashan (in English & Chinese) Official site of Canadian Mark Rowswell, a TV personality & "arguably the most famous foreigner in China"
Living & Teaching in China "the day-to-day experiences of a foreigner living & working in China," articles on marriage, family, & other issues, links & tips, & photo essays & slide show
New Teaching in China Karen Huber's tips on teaching in China (Free Pint, Nov. 2002)
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Overseas Chinese
Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Project Celebration of "the contribution of Australia's Chinese communities to the early founding & subsequent development of Australia": exhibition; resources; index to Tung Wah Times; stories; links
Chinese in Guyana: Their Roots History of Chinese immigration to British Guiana between 1853 & 1879
Global Chinese Fraternity & the Indonesian Riots of May 1998: The Online Gathering of Dispersed Chinese Elaine Tay's essay in Intersections (Sept. 2000)
HUAREN (Ethnic Overseas Chinese) Official site of World Huaren Federation, organization with goal "to promote kinship & understanding among all Overseas Chinese": news reports & discussions of hot topics of special concern to the Chinese community (such as anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia), & information on the Chinese diaspora
HuayiNet: Chinese Overseas Databank "An initiative from Singapore towards better understanding of Chinese Overseas": "a collective one-stop containing links with libraries, institutions, associations & other useful Chinese overseas research websites"
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Popular Culture
New (in Chinese & English) Cartoons grouped by type & title & searchable by keyword, title or author; features
China Shadow Play Institute Non-profit, private institute devoted to research on & promotion of shadow play
Chinastar Searchable directory of celebrities of Chinese origin, including actors, actresses, pop singers, directors, athletes, state leaders, national heros, scientists
The Chinese Calendar History & information
New Chinese Fable Stories A collection in's China Online
Chinese Holidays & Festivals Official & traditional Chinese holidays, & celebrations of national minorities
Chinese New Year History of Chinese New Year celebrations, with calendar & virtual cards & fortune cookies
Chinese New Year 2001 An AsiaTODAY special report (1/26/2001): resources; Chinese New Year cooking; articles/news; New Year's e-cards
Chinese New Year 2002 An AsiaToday special report (Feb. 11, 2002): Chinese New Year & lion dance resources; recipes & food symbolism; multimedia; e-cards; horoscopes
Chinese Popstars Ring A WebRing community of sites dedicated to Chinese pop singers & idols
Chinese Wedding Traditions Composite summary of traditional wedding rituals with bibliography
New Chinese Wedding A collection of essays in China Online
CoolBoyz Navigator Profiles of idols for Chinese teenagers (in Chinese) Promotion of Walt Disney Co.'s theme parks, television programs, films & merchandise; children's recreational features
Feng Shui Made Easy Cecil Lee's introduction to the Chinese art of geomancy: the Lo Shu square, yin-yang principles, the 5 elements, the 8 Trigrams
The Feng Shui Phenomenon An AsiaTODAY special report (Nov. 10, 2000): articles; best-selling books; institutes; multimedia resources; links
New Fengshui Gate Essays on the origins of fengshui, by Stephen L. Field of Trinity University
Get a Chinese Name Generate a Chinese name from your English name, & find your sign in the Chinese zodiac
Out of the East: China's Influence on Modern Western Fashion A multimedia report from the New York Times on 'China Chic': From Dragon Robes to Mao Suits, an exhibit at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology
Popular Culture & Music of Mainland China "Popular Culture, Social Change & Political Reaction in Post-Reform China," 1998 senior thesis by L. Movius; guide to modern Chinese music; subversive subcultures; television
Proverbs From, "Resources of Chinese proverbs, sayings, idioms, stories & legends"
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Food & Drink
China Beer Guide Information on brands, breweries, consumption statistics, & other facts & figures on beer in China & the world
Chinese Cuisine An guide to Chinese culinary resources with Rhonda Parkinson
Chinese Imperial Cuisines China Internet Information Center: history, philosophies, & information on imperial & regional cuisines
Food in Chinese Culture A reprint from K.C. Chang's Food in Chinese Culture: Anthropological & Historical Persepctives
New (in English & Chinese) "delicious Chinese recipes, recipes for therapeutic purposes, & recipes suitable for different ages ... easy cooking methods, colorful photo guides, & traditional Chinese theories on food therapy"
Little Ma's Recipe Corner Chinese cooking techniques, & recipes from all varieties of Chinese cuisine
Yan Can Eat: An Interview with Martin Yan Interview of the celebrity chef with video clips
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Beijing 2008 (in Chinese, English, French & Spanish) Official site of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee
New China Daily: Beijing Olympics Latest news; infrastructure; green Olympics; Beijing Organizing Committee & IOC
China Sports On Web Sports news in Chinese & English; categorized sports sites; discussion forums
Olympiad 2008 Beijing Official site with numerous news stories
Western Theories about the Origins of Sport in Ancient China An essay by Benny Josef Peiser in The Sports Historian, Vol. 16 (1996)
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New Mah Jongg -- The Chinese Game of Four Winds Rules of the game
Mah Jongg - Worldwide Web Site Absolute beginners' guide; rules, history, & symbolism; information on software, books, clubs, tournaments; glossary & related sites
New Nanette's notes on playing Mahjong How to play, score & win
World Xiangqi League (Chinese Chess) Play online; featured games & puzzles
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