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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Chinese-Language Directories, Portals & Search Tools
blank space Chinese Pages Listings of mainly literary & cultural sites
Accoona China China site of search engine that uses "Artificial Intelligence technology to "SuperTarget" your searches," with access to its proprietary business database that includes information on 5 million Chinese companies
Baidu "China's leading Internet search service provider and the world's second largest independent search engine ... the world's largest Chinese web page index of over 300M pages"
China10k Omni-media (in Chinese & English) Multimedia commercial site providing content on China's history & culture, & travel, shopping & entertainment information
ChinaByte Chinese-language portal with search tool: today's news, job ads, software archive, game center, special columns, etc.
Chinadotcom "a unique Internet company with a unique business model ...,, hosting content, community & ecommerce throughout Greater China" "The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related Web Sites ... 850+ links"
Kimo (in Chinese) A Yahoo-style directory & search engine
NewMSN China Microsoft's Chinese-language portal, including news stories, features, Messenger, Spaces, & Hotmail
NetEase "The first portal in China": free e-mail, virtual communities, Chinese-language search engine, news, & Web directory (in Chinese) Portal of "the leading online media and value-added infotainment service ("VAS") provider for China and for global Chinese communities," providing "up-to-the-minute news ... popular chat rooms, community platforms, financial information, online shopping platforms, search & free email"; "localized Web sites targeting China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese in North America": English-language; Beijing; Shanghai; Guangdong; (also other localized Chinese sites) ; U.S.; Japan; Taiwan; Hong Kong, etc.
Sogou's 'Third Generation' interactive search engine, combining "the results generated from the hundreds of thousands of manually selected high-quality websites of SOHU's directory with hundreds of millions of pages that the engine searched from the World Wide Web"
SOHOO Internet Technologies China's Chinese-language directory with search tool
TOM.COM A Hong Kong-based portal, topically organized (English-language site) Chinese Internet catalog organized by categories from the arts to sports, & searchable by keyword
Yahoo! Chinese Directory of Chinese-language Web sites
Yisou Yahoo's Chinese-language search Web site
Zhaodaola! A Chinese-language portal offering categorized lists of Web sites, news, features, & free e-mail China Search Online The largest Chinese-language search engine in China providing service to 7 major Chinese portals: news search; search by economic sector, region, Web site or multimedia format; games; shopping
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