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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Korea: History
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For resources on the Korean War, please see its page.
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Bible versus Guns: Horace G. Underwoods Evangelization of Korea James Jin-Hong Kim's article on Underwood's efforts "to use Protestant Christianity to reform and modernize Korea ... and to support Korea against the Japanese aggression" (Asia Pacific: Perspectives, Dec. 2004; PDF format)
Buddhism and State-Building in Song China and Goryeo Korea Sem Vermeersch's paper on "the state appropriation of Buddhism and the integration of Buddhism into the ideological, political and social order" in Song China and Goryeo Korea (Asia Pacific: Perspectives, Dec. 2004; PDF format)
Eye-witness: A North Korean Remembers Personal memoir & chronicle of 20th century Korean history, with photographs
Goguryeo in Korean History (37 B.C. - A.D. 668) From history & culture; special contributions; related articles
A Historical Study of Korea's Title to Tokdo Essay on a territorial disupute between South Korea & Japan by Shin Yong-Ha of Seoul National University
History of Korea Part of Richard Stockton College's Global History Consortium: history & culture of Korea from ancient times to the present
The History of Korea KBS World Radio's history of Korea from the beginning to the development of the Republic of Korea & modern culture
Human Dignity & Sexual Culture: A Reflection on the 'Comfort Women' Issues C. Sarah Soh's paper for the Institute for Corean-American Studies (ICAS) Spring Symposium (May 2000)
The Journal of Hamel & Korea Henny Savenije's Web site about "The first Westerner to write about Korea (1666)": Hamel's journal; Dutch history in the Far East; links about Korea
Kajiyama Collection: Korea Related Resources Korea-related materials at a special collection of the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Library, including "classified documents of the former Government-General of Korea (Chosen Sotokufu), the official publications & pamphlets on Korean-Japanese (Zainichi Chosen-jin), Korean War, Nikkan Joyaku, & monographs of general topics on Korea"
The Korean Historical Connection Maintained by the professors and students in the Department of History Education, Hong-Ik University, Seoul: online searchable bibliographies; offline document providing service; useful documents & links
Korea in the Eye of the Tiger Korean History Project's comprehensive history of Korea in 40 chapters with maps, images, & timeline
Korean Food, Korean Identity: The Impact of Globalization on Korean Agriculture John Feffer's research paper on the impact of global forces on agriculture in both North & South Korea & implications for Korean identity & reunification (Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, 2004; PDF format)
Content-Rich Korean History: A Bibliography Compiled by Kenneth R. Robinson, University of Hawai`i; searchable, with general, history & topical indices
Korean History Data Integration System (in Korean) The Academy of Korean Studies' "unified database that would link heretofore widely scattered resources at many institutions"
Korean History Project Ongoing multimedia project presenting Korea's history: Korea in the Eye of the Tiger; Journey to Asia; search engine; essays & personal perspectives
Sea of Korea Maps Digital Archive Searchable USC archive of "172 original old maps, dating from 1606 to 1895, ... [illustrating] how the West's image of East Asia evolved over the course of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries"
Time Series Economic Statistics of Korea (in Japanese) Statistical tables for the period of colonial rule by Japan in Excel or text formats
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