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Like most Web users, I have found some interesting places to visit. Here are some starting points that I want to share. (Some are WILDLY out-of-date, but that goes with the territory.)  Click on the following for:

Social Theory sites General Sociology General Anthropology Research on Religion & Religions
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Freedom, Power, Nationalism, Diversity, Multiculturalism, etc Various Online Data Sources Progressive Politics Books
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Travel & Tourism Languages Miscellaneous On the Aftermath of September 11th

bulletSocial Theory Sites:

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bulletGeneral Sociology Sites:
bullet Sociology Online
bullet The SocioWeb
bullet SocioSite
bullet The SocioLog
bullet USI Sociology Web Links
bullet Social Science Virtual Library
bullet Global Social Change Research Project
bulletMike Kearl's Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace
(focused on death, popular culture, and general sociology)
bulletCarole Makeig Carroll's Sociology Collection
(focused on religion & women's issues)
bulletGeneral Anthropology Sites:
bullet Anthropological Theory Page 
bullet Anthropological Biographies
bullet Anthropological Resources on the Internet
bullet UCSB Anthropology Web Links
bulletReligious Research Links:
bullet Internet Resources in Theology and Religion
bullet Anthropology of Religion Section, AAA
bullet Theory & Method in the Study of Religion links
bullet A Bibliographic Search Engine for the Study of Religion
bullet Hartford Institute for Religion Research
bulletInternational Society for the Sociology of Religion
bullet Religion in the News/Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life
bullet American Religious Data Archive
bullet New and Alternate Religions
bullet New Religious Movements: Profiles
bullet National Profiles -- Religious Freedom Page
bulletFreedom, Power, Nationalism, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Etc.
bullet Power Kills Page (R.J. Rummel)
bulletResources for Research on Diversity
bulletData Sources:
-> Moved to: Social Data Sources (
bulletProgressive Politics
bullet The Progressive Directory (PeaceNet)
bullet Human Rights Resources
bulletProgressive Review
bullet Looking Behind the Bushes (Great Moments in an American Family)
bullet University presses
bulletTravel & Tourism:
bullet Travel information
bullet Travelers phrase book
bullet Babelfish translation site
bullet Logos Language Dictionary (multilingual translation)
bullet I Love Languages Page (formerly Human Languages Page)
bullet Learn Spanish
bullet Norwegian in 5 Minutes a Month
bullet Navajo
bullet Less Commonly Taught Languages Project
bulletMiscellaneous Sites:
bullet Art Museums
bullet Fun for Kids
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