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Jim teaches two terms a year at the University of Redlands.-- typically Spring and May Terms.  He will be on sabbatical during the 2014-2015 school year, returning in January, 2016.

During May Term, 2014, he will offer:

bulletSOAN 347: Visual Ethnography (cross-lists with VMS)

During Spring Semester, 2016, he will teach:

bulletSOAN 324: Hunger & Homelessness in America(Liberal Arts Foundation: CSAC)
bulletSOAN 390: Classical Social Theory (Liberal Arts Foundation: WB)
bulletEVST 399/SOAN 300: Research Methods and Design

During May Term, 2016, he will teach:

bulletSOAN 347: Visual Ethnography (cross-lists with VMS)

Here are the topics on which Jim teaches:

bulletreligion in American society
bulletsocial inequality
bulletworld hunger
bulletglobal social change
bulletsocial research methods (of various sorts)
bulleta reading course in advanced sociology and anthropology

Current Course Grades

Course Descriptions

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Jim's Current Teaching Repertoire

bulletSOAN 100: INTRODUCTORY SOCIOLOGY. Study of the structure and process of social life; the impact of cultural, structural, and socio-historical forces on group and society; and the interdependence of society and the individual.
bulletSOAN 232: SAINTS, SECTS, AND SOCIETY. Religion in America is changing. From the Mainstream to the Moonies to the Christian Right, religion has, in the last few decades, made itself increasingly felt on the public stage. This course introduces students to the culture and structure of American religious life, its recent changes and new directions, and examines the social reasons for these changes. Cross-lists with Religious Studies. 
bulletSOAN 300/EVST 399 joint course: RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS. Design principles for social and environmental research, including the critical analysis both quantitative and qualitative approaches to the collection of data. Practical experience in data collection and analysis.
bullet SOAN 302: QUANTITATIVE SOCIOLOGY. An introduction to quantitative social analysis, designed for the math-averse. Students will learn the benefits and limits of numerical analysis, will become familiar with the major public sources of quantitative data, and will learn to use computers to analyze that data. Especially recommended for students intending to pursue graduate training.
bulletSOAN 324: HUNGER AND HOMELESSNESS. A course to deepen our understanding of hunger and homelessness in American society. Through classroom study and field experiences, we will explore the social, economic, and political causes of these problems.  Involves an internship with a local service agency and a teaching project.  Prerequisites: SOAN 100 or 102.
bulletSOAN 347: VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY.  This May Term seminar explores the use of visual media in ethnography.  The course includes in-class analysis of ethnographic photography and film, ethnographic field trips to local sites, digital lab work, and the completion of an ethnographic project using still photography.    Cross-lists with Visual Media Studies.  Prerequisites: SOAN 102 OR VMS 101.
bulletSOAN 360: WORLD HUNGER AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT.  A course that explores the shape, causes, and dynamics of world hunger, with a focus on efforts to effect solutions and the structural impediments that interfere with them.
bulletSOAN 390: CLASSICAL SOCIAL THEORY. Analysis of the basic assumptions, concepts, and modes of thinking of Marx, Weber, Durkheim and the other founders of modern social science. Prerequisites: SOAN 100 or 102, and two SOAN courses at the 200 level or above.
bulletSOAN 455: READING SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY.  A cooperative reading seminar for senior SOAN majors, devoted to reading and discussing books on various aspects of Sociology and Anthropology. Some will be established classics. Others are of a quality to become future classics. All are worth detailed attention by students who have a good background in the disciplines.  Prerequisites: SOAN Major with senior standing, SOAN 100 and 102, four SOAN courses at the 300 or higher level, including one theory course (SOAN 390-399) or concurrent registration in SOAN 390.

Jim's Occasional Courses

bulletSOAN 360: THE SOCIOLOGY OF HUMAN RIGHTS.  This course explores human rights from a sociological point of view.  Prerequisite: SOAN 100 or 102 and at least one SOAN course at the 200 level or above.
bulletSOAN 432: SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION. An upper-division version of SOAN 232 (see above) this course provides a deeper and more sociological analysis of the role of religion in the modern world.   Prerequisite; SOAN 100 and a willingness to work hard.

Travel Courses
(offered as the opportunity arises)

bulletSOAN 265: ENCOUNTERING ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIA.  A May-Term travel course, last offered in May, 2006.  Described here.
bulletSOAN 260: WORLD HUNGER AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: FOCUS ON NICARAGUA.  A May Term version of SOAN 360 (see above), organized around a two-week trip to visit development projects in Nicaragua.  Last offered in May 2011.  See promotional materials here.

Jim's Older Courses
(no longer needed with our current curriculum and staffing)

bulletSOAN 200: STRUCTURAL AND CULTURAL INQUIRY. Introduction to the role of theory and research in sociology and anthropology. Students will learn how theories are generated, how they guide research, and how that research in turn modifies and generates new theory. A foundation course for the major. Prerequisite: SOAN 100 or SOAN 102.
bulletSOAN/GOVT 236: MODERNIZATION AND THE POLITICS OF ETHNICITY. Investigates the social and political connections between modernization and the emerging politics of ethnicity on a world-wide scale. Examines several current examples of ethnic conflict, then explores several theoretical approaches to race, ethnicity, nationality, and the modernization process. Reviews various ethnic and anti-ethnic political movements in the U.S. and worldwide. in the past, I have team-taught this course with faculty in the Government Department. Prerequisite: GOVT 123 or SOAN 100.
bulletSOAN 340: POWER AND CHANGE IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY. An investigation of the underlying causes of some of the major social changes in the 20th century, focusing on the expansion of global capitalism. Looks especially at power relationships and at macro- and micro-level social changes in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Prerequisite: SOAN 100 or SOAN 102.
bulletSOAN 360: NEW AMERICAN SOCIETY.  A study of current trends in American society, focused particularly on changes in the class structure and their consequences.
bulletSOAN 391: CONTEMPORARY SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY. Examination of several important developments in social theory since 1950, focusing on critical, neo-Marxist, neo-functionalist, symbolic interactional, ethnomethodological, and feminist theories. Prerequisites: SOAN 100 or 102 and two SOAN courses at the 200 level or above.
bulletSOAN 465: SEMINAR ON NATIVE AMERICAN LIFE. This course explores various aspects of Native American life, focusing particularly on the reception and interpretation of that life by White folks.  A true seminar, this course expects considerable student commitment and leadership.  Prerequisite: SOAN 102, SOAN 200, two SOAN courses at the 300 level or above, and Senior Standing, or permission. 
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