It’s probably a mouse.  Mice are little, fast, and undesirable.  The question is how do I get rid of it before it crawls under the closet door and is loose in my room.


I’ve got a cardboard box with some books in it, a flashlight, a long umbrella, a towel, and a large calendar.


            Fill the crack under the closet door with the towel.

Empty the box and open it facing the closet door.

Open the door so that it feeds right into the box.

Peer into the closet with the flashlight.

Stir around in the closet with the umbrella.

When the mouse comes shooting out into the box, cover it with the calendar.

Pick-up the box with the calendar lid and run outside and let out the mouse.



            Is the calendar going to be a large enough, sturdy enough lid for the box?

            Is the mouse going to escape when I open the door?

            Am I going to be calm enough to cary a cardboard box with a wild mouse zipping around in it?



            Good luck!