Physics 360 - NASA's Europa Multiple Flyby Mission
Spring 2017 - Schedule

Class will meet in Appleton Hall of Numbers room 117 Thursday 1-4pm.

Required Texts:

Purpose of course: Course Goals and how they fit into the Physics program and College learning goals:
  1. Understand and explain why Europa is such an interesting location and why planetary scientists made it a top exploration priority.
  2. Explain the science goals of the Europa mission and how the scientific instruments and measurements will accomplish those goals.
  3. Experience how science teams work together, and with engineering teams, to design and implement a spacecraft mission
  4. Work in groups implementing the rules and techniques put forward by the Europa science team (similar to College Learning outcome for Global Citizenship - diverse groups and power structures)
  5. Participate in class activities, including reading assignments, guest lectures, discussions, and field trips, as a self-motivated and independent learner, able to determine what they don't know and searching for help
  6. Identify and communicate, in class discussions, presentations, and in writing, new knowledge and gaps in understnding
  7. Describe, in detail, the context, goals, and possibilities for the Europa mission
  8. Evaluate the circumstances in a disagreement among the team, outline feasible solutions, and make a reccomendation

Class assignments: