Class Rules

Here is a list of rules I expect to be followed in my classroom. Some should be obvious to all college students, but I have found they are not. So, I have decided to write them down. This is not an inclusive list!
  1. You are responsible for everything said in class! This includes announcements, topics, facts, information, etc. Not knowing something is assigned is not an excuse for not doing it!
  2. You are responsible for everything assigned in the readings. If I don't mention it in class, but it is in the assigned reading, you are responsible.
  3. Announcements will be made at the beginning of class!  Show up on time and you won't miss them. Otherwise, well it's tough to do something when you don't know what it is, but you ARE still responsible for it.
  4. No late assignments will be accepted. However, early assignments are always welcome and can be slid under my office door.
  5. Class is not the time to discuss logistics.  Questions about anything other than that week's material (for example, a question about a returned assignment) should not be asked in lecture or immediately before lecture.  Those are questions for office hours.
  6. If you want a friend to be able to pick up homework for you when you will be absent, YOU need to call or e-mail me in advance with the name of the person who will pick up your assignments.
  7. All assignments will be done in standard blue or black ink or they will not be graded. This means: no pencil, no red ink, and ABSOLUTELY NO glitter ink. Pencil may be used on homework assignments.
  8. All assignments will be easy to read or they will not be graded (and will, therefore, get no credit). You should write legibly or type, if necessary.
  9. No one is allowed to join group activities late.  This includes labs. Once an activity has begun (and it begins when I start explaining it), no one new can join in.
  10. Homework is due at the beginning of class.  None will be accepted after they are collected so don't come in late.
  11. As for turning in assignments: You are responsible for getting them to me.  Giving them to a friend, sending them by e-mail, putting in my mailbox are acceptable, but you are responsible for me getting it. In other words, if you send it to the wrong e-mail address, this is your fault and your homework will not be graded.If your friend looses it, it is still your fault and you will be the one who misses points.