Physics 103: General Astronomy

Fall observing labs

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

NOTE! There will be three trips to the mountains for evening telescope observing. You are required to attend two of these. The schedule of nights is found here and in the syllabus.

If you cannot make these evening sessions, DROP THIS COURSE NOW!

In case of poor weather on the primary date for an observing lab, there is a designated back-up date.

Driving Directions | Clothing Requirements

Observing dates for both sections (Sections 1 and 2):

Observe Night Back-up Night
Sept 26, 2002 Oct 3, 2002 (the following week)
Oct 17, 2002 Nov 14, 2002 (the following MONTH)
Dec 5, 2002 Dec 12, 2002 (the following week)

Clothing Requirements

Angelus Oaks is a 30 minute drive from campus but it is always at least 20 degrees cooler. During the winter there is regularly snow on the ground, especially where shaded. In short, it will be cold, and possibly near freezing for observing sessions in late fall and winter. You must dress accordingly!

For each observing session we will be outside for approximately two hours. Please dress warmly enough that you will be comfortable standing outside for this amount of time.

If you are dressed poorly enough that it is not safe for you to remain at the the observing session, you will be sent home and receive no credit for the lab.

What you must wear:

1. Long pants! (I can't believe I have to even say this.)
2. Coat (If you don't have one, borrow one!!!)
2. Shoes (no sandals)
3. Warm socks
4. Gloves (optional)
5. Hat (optional)
6. Scarf (optional)
7. Ear Muffs (optional)

Driving Directions

The observing site is in Angelus Oaks. It is almost exactly a 30 minute drive from campus. Drive East on Colton Ave away from campus. Turn left on Judson at the first stop-sign. Turn right on Lugonia Ave (also called Highway 38) which is the first light. You are now going East on Lugonia/Highway 38; stay on this road for the next 17.2 miles. You will pass through the town of Mentone, then into a valley. At the turn off for Forest Falls, stay on the main road which curves up to the left. Passing the turn off for Forest Falls you start up the side of the mountain through a chain of curves. Drive carefully and look for fallen rocks in the road. As the curves end you will see pine trees on both sides of the road. Look for the sign on the right saying "Angelus Oaks". 50 yards later will be a blue sign on the right saying "Fire Station". Immediately after this sign is a crosswalk and a road on the Left called Mountain Home Creek Rd. This turn off is 17.2 miles from the intersection of Judson and Lugonia/Hwy38. Turn left on Mountain Home Creek Road. If you reach the General Store/Gas Station you have gone too far. Turn around and Mntn Home Creek Rd will be the first street on the right. Once on Mntn Home Creek Rd, follow it downhill. You will come to a fork with Robinoak Drive on the right. Stay to the Left. You will pass another street on the right but again go straight. The road then curves to the right. The site is about a half mile but go slow and watch for parked cars and people. You will reach a small field on your left with a baseball backstop. The road ends here. Park along the right side of the street.