Astronomy Abroad:

American Southwest


For the month of May you will learn about, and view through amateur telescopes, many objects in the night sky. The culmination of the class will be when you write a proposal telling me what you want to observe, and why, using The U.S. Naval Observatory's 1.0 meter research telescope at the Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station. Below is a list of the activities you will be taking part in along the way.

Dates Location Topics or Activity
May 1-May 3 Redlands Orientation
May 4-May 10 Tuscon, AZ Sun, Stars, Planets
May 5 Kitt Peak Observatory Tour of telescopes and star gazing
May 12-May 13 Very Large Array Radio astronomy
May 14-16 Chaco Canyon, NM Archeoastronomy
May 15 Chaco Canyon, NM Lunar Eclipse at Pueblo Bonito
May 17 Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park
May 18-May 27 Flagstaff, AZ
May 19, 22 Lowell Observatory Pluto, Galaxies
May 20 U.S. Geological Survey, Astrogeology Mars
May 21 Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer USNO Colloquium: Interferometry
May 23 Grand Canyon Fun
May 24 Meteor Crater Meteor impacts
May 25-May 27 USNO Flagstaff Station Final Project: Deep-Sky Imaging
May 28 Redlands Home

This is a fairly complete calendar of events planned for the May 2003 term. Most evenings not spent in a large city will invlove some sort of evening out for hands-on use of the telescopes. This list does not represent a legally binding contract.