Astronomy Abroad:

American Southwest

Class Goals

Who: Who are the people that push back the frontiers of human knowledge about the Universe? Are they all men with white hair and lab coats? We will meet them and hear presentations from them.

What: What is the latest astronomical research being done by these people? And what is science anyway? How does it work?

Where: Where is this research taking place? We will travel to three modern observatories (Kitt Peak, the Very Large Array, and Lowell Observatory) and one ancient observatory: Chaco Canyon. We will tour, and use, telescopes at these modern "temples" of science.

When: The entire month of May 2003.

Why: Because we live in a technological world and only through an understanding of what science is, how it works, and why it is different from other human endeavors can we make informed decisions about its veracity. It will also be a truly "behind the scenes" look at an active field of science often portrayed in gross error by the media.

How: I am an active member of the astronomical community and together we will go and meet the people who seek to understand why the Universe "is."