Astronomy Abroad:

American Southwest

Guest Lectures

This is a growing list of those scientists who will be making presentations to the Astronomy Abroad class. As more scientists are confirmed they will be added to the list.

Astronomer Affiliation Topic Date
Dr. Liese Van Zee Indiana University Tour of WIYN telescope May 5
Dr. Jeffrey J. Sudol GONG Helioseismology May 6
Dr. Frank Hill GONG Solar Astronomy Future May 6
Dr. Jay Melosh Lunar and Planetary Lab Planetary Impacts May 8
Jani Radebaugh Lunar and Planetary Lab Io Volcanism May 8
Dr. J.D. Smith University of Arizona SIRTF Galaxies May 9
Dr. Betsy Barton Gillespie University of Arizona Merging Galaxies May 9
VLA Staff NRAO Very Large Array May 13
Dr. Will Grundy Lowell Observatory Pluto and Kuiper Belt May 19
Dr. Jeff Kargel US Geological Survey Martian Glaciers May 20
Dr. Tyler Nordgren University of Redlands Stellar Interferometry May 21
Dr. Deidre Hunter Lowell Observatory Galaxies May 22