Astronomy Abroad:



For the month of May you will learn about, and view through amateur telescopes, many objects in the night sky. Below is a list of the activities you will be taking part in along the way.

Dates Location Activity
May 4 Southern CA Archaeoastronomy
May 5 Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mars Rovers
May 6 Mt. Wilson, Pasadena CA Telescopes
May 8-May 9 Owens Valley, CA Radio Astronomy
May 10 Mono Lake, CA Dark Sky Observing
May 12 Big Bear Solar Observatory Solar Astronomy
May 13 Calremont, CA Interstellar Medium
May 18-May 20 Table Mountain Observatory 1-meter Observing time
May 27 Redlands Market Night Sidewalk Astronomy

This is a tentative calendar of events planned for the May 2004 term. This list does not represent a legally binding contract.