Physics 103: General Astronomy

Spring lecture notes

All notes in Microsoft Powerpoint format.

Readings from "Stars, Galaxies & Cosmology" by Bennett are denoted by "B" and the chapter number.

Readings from "Universe down to Earth" by Tyson denoted by "Ty" and the chapter number.

Various articles by Carl Sagan will be provided and are denoted by "Sg" and the article number.

Class Date Reading Due Lecture Notes last updated
Jan 10, 2006 Intro Jan 10, 2006
Jan 11 Ty2 The Scientific Method Jan 11
Jan 13 Ty12, Sg1 Astrology Jan 13
Jan 16 Sg2,B5.3 Kepler's Laws Jan 13
Jan 20 Ty7, Ty8, B6.1-6.3 Light and Temperature Jan 20
Jan 23 B6.4-6.5 Spectral Lines Jan 20
Jan 25 B15 The Sun Jan 25
Jan 30 various articles Exoplanets Jan 30
Feb 6 B16.1-16.5, Ty9 Stars Feb 6
Feb 10 B16.1-16.5, Ty9 HR Diagram Feb 9
Feb 13 B17.1-17.2, Ty9 Star Formation Feb 13
Feb 17 B17.3-17.5, B18.1-18.3 Stellar Evolution Feb 17
Feb 20 B18.3-18.5 Black Holes and Neutron Stars Feb 19
Feb 22 none Black Holes and General Relativity Feb 22
March 13 B19 The Milky Way March 13
March 15 B20.1-20.3 Galaxies March 15
March 17 B22.1-22.4 Dark Matter March 17
March 22 B22 The Big Bang March 22
March 24 B23 The Big Bang Evidence March 24
Apr 5 B24.3-24.6 SETI Apr 5
Apr 10 Bennett S2 Interstellar Travel Apr 10