2008 Physics 102: Astronomy of the Planets

Fall lecture notes

All notes in Microsoft Powerpoint format.

Readings from "Cosmic Perspective: The Solar System" by Bennett are denoted by "B" and the chapter number.

Various readings from Tyson denoted by "Ty" and the chapter number.

Various articles by Carl Sagan will be provided and are denoted by "Sg" and the article number.

Class Date Reading Due Lecture Notes last updated
Sept 3, 2008 None Intro Aug 25, 2008
Sept 5 Ty2 The Scientific Method Aug 25
Sept 8 B3 Astrology Aug 25
Sept 10 Sg3 Kepler's Laws Aug 25
Sept 12 B7.1 Model Solar System Aug 25
Sept 15 B7.2-7.3 Solar System Aug 25
Sept 17 IAU Pluto Page

Dr. Jewitt's KBO page

Dr. Sykes Science article.

The Planetary Society Pluto Page

Dr. Buie's Pluto Page

Tyson at Planetary Society

Mike Brown's homepage

2006 Definition of Planet

Pluto Debate Sept 17
Sept 19 B5.1-5.2 Light and Temperature Aug 25
Sept 22 B5.3-5.5 Emission Sept 22
Sept 24 B5.3-5.7 and B13.1-13.2 Exoplanets Aug 25
Oct 1 B9.1-9.6 Planetary Geology Sept 29
Oct 29 articles Mars Exploration Rovers Oct 27
Nov 7 B10.1-10.2 Planetary Atmospheres Nov 5
Nov 10 B10.4-10.5 Venus and Mars Nov 9
Nov 12 B10.6 Climate Change Nov 12
Nov 14 Hansen et al.(pdf) Discussion Nov 12
Nov 17 B12.1 Asteroids Nov 16
Nov 19 B12.1-B12.3 Comets Nov 19
Nov 21 B12.4 + articles Impact Hazards Nov 19