Research Interests

My research interests span a large range of topics. I've used large arrays of optical telescopes to measure the diameters of individual stars while also using large arrays of radio telescopes to measure the sizes of dark matter halos around merging galaxies. I am currently working on refining a technique for finding the distances to certain pulsating stars (Cepheid variables) by watching how their brightness and color change with time. In addition I am working with Deidre Hunter on star formation in dwarf galaxies. I am also interested in archeoastronomy, particularly sundials. In January of 2005 two sundials I helped design landed on Mars aboard the Spirit and Opportunity Mars Exploration Rovers.

Since 2006 I have been working with the National Park Service on astronomy education in the national parks. At the January 2009 American Astronomical Society I presented the following poster on that work. You can download that poster here.

Here is my cv in (postscipt format) or in (pdf, which looks crummy on the screen, but prints great).

Here is my refereed publication list.

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