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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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East & Southeast Asia: Social & Economic Issues
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Economic Development & Poverty Reduction Labor Issues Education & Human Development
Population Issues & Ethnic Communities Women's Issues & Organizations The State of Children
Crime Public Health (General) The AIDS Epidemic
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Economic Development & Poverty Reduction
Content-Rich Asian Development Outlook: 2004; 2003 Asian Development Bank's "comprehensive economic analysis of 41 economies in developing Asia and the Pacific ... overviews aggregate trends and medium-term prospects by subregion -- East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and the Pacific -- in the context of global economic movements"
Asian Development Review Semi-annual "professional journal for disseminating the results of economic and development research carried out by staff and resource persons of the Asian Development Bank (ADB)"
Assessment of Rural Poverty: Asia and the Pacific International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) report arguing for land reform to alleviate rural poverty (2002; PDF format)
British Library for Development Studies Bibliographic Database Searchable library catalogue & journal articles database
CARE USA "one of the world's largest private international humanitarian organizations, committed to helping families in poor communities improve their lives and achieve lasting victories over poverty"
The Challenge of Ending Rural Poverty The International Fund for Agricultural Development's Rural Poverty Report 2001
City Development Strategies to Reduce Poverty Asian Development Bank publication on City Development Strategies (CDS) and Cities Without Slums (CWS) programs with case studies (June 2004)
The Copenhagen Consensus List of Economist articles about the Copenhagen Consensus (Apr.-May 2004)
Copenhagen Consensus 2004 "a prioritized list of solutions to the world's great challenges" ranked by a group of leading economists, with challenge papers & opponents' notes
Copenhagen Consensus: Putting the World to Rights Economist report on the Copenhagen Consensus project attempting to decide "the best ways to spend additional resources on helping the developing countries" (June 3, 2004)
The Developing Economies (Quarterly) An Institute of Developing Economies journal: "An international & interdisciplinary forum for studies on social sciences relating to the developing countries"
Development, Trade, & the WTO: A Handbook A World Bank publication on trade policy issues & the functioning of the WTO (June 2002)
Content-Rich Development Gateway Independent non-profit organization aiming to "help improve people’s lives in developing countries by building partnerships and information systems that provide access to knowledge for development": topic pages; country gateways; AiDA -- information on major international development donors and some civil society organizations and private foundations
Directory of Development Organizations 2002 "Guide to International Organizations, Governments, Private Sector Institutions, Development Agencies, Universities, Research & Training Institutes, NGOs/PDOs, Grantmakers, Banks, Microfinance Institutions & Development Consulting Firms"
Economic Growth Resources Data sets, growth/development links, journals, references, literature surveys, working papers, etc.
Content-Rich Eldis Aid and Debt Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on aid & debt issues by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information, with quick access to various subtopics
Content-Rich Eldis Food Security Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on food security issues by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information, with quick access to various subtopics
Content-Rich Eldis Gateway to Development Information "free and easy access to wide range of high quality online resources ... summaries and links to online documents ... a directory of websites, databases, library catalogues and email discussion lists"
Content-Rich Eldis Poverty Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on poverty issues by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information, with quick access to various subtopics such as pro-poor growth & child poverty
Fifty Years of Development World Bank Report by Paul Collier, David Dollar & Nicholas Stern (PDF format)
Finance & Development Quarterly publication of IMF & the World Bank, with contents of current & past issues & search tool
Fostering Community-Driven Development: What Role for the State? A World Bank Policy Research Working Paper by Monica Das Gupta et al. & based on case studies from Asia & Latin America (Jan. 2003; PDF format)
Global Economic Prospects & the Developing Countries 2000 World Bank annual report available in PDF format; press release, summary, regional economic prospects, slide show, related sites, etc.
Global Poverty Report (World Bank) IMF report to G8 Summit at Okinawa (July 2000): global poverty conditions & trends; regional poverty trends & issues; combating poverty
Habitat in Developing Countries Polytechnic of Torino's list of links on projects, research, & organizations working to improve the habitat (mainly architecture & urban planning) in developing countries, & information on economic development & individual regions & countries
Human Development Report 2003: Millennium Development Goals: A Compact among Nations to End Human Poverty By UN Human Development Programme, including summary, HD indicators, charts & graphs, & background papers
Human Development Report 2004: Cultural Liberty in Today's Diverse World United Nations Development Programme report on "how best to manage & mitigate conflict over language, culture, religion & ethnicity ... [&] how to build inclusive, culturally diverse societies" (2004; PDF format)
Content-Rich Human Development Reports Global, regional & national reports by United Nations Development Programme, searchable by theme
Content-Rich Human Development Statistics United Nations Development Programme's human development indicators & human development measurement discussion forum
NewHungerWeb Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy's site for learning about & solutions to hunger: overview; agencies & organizations; news, alerts & periodicals; research centers; tools; employment, internship & volunteer opportunities
Land Reforms in Asia: Lessons from the Past for the 21st Century A LSE Development Studies Institute working paper by James Putzel (Jan. 2000)
OECD Observer "concise, up-to-date & authoritative analysis of crucial world economic & social issues"
Overcoming Human Poverty: UNDP Poverty Report 2000 Annual report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), with tables & figures, country profiles, & slide show
Poverty Monitoring Database World Bank's database providing "quick access to comprehensive poverty information": household surveys; social indicators; poverty assessment summaries; participatory poverty assessments; upcoming surveys & studies; links
Content-Rich PovertyNet World Bank site providing "an introduction to key issues as well as in-depth information on poverty measurement, monitoring, analysis, and on poverty reduction strategies for researchers and practitioners"
Content-Rich The Progress of Nations
2000; 1999; 1998; 1997
UNICEF's annual reports on the global status of such issues as civil rights, health & women, & human hardship (PDF versions available)
Regional Assessment of Rural Poverty in Asia and the Pacific Report by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) (Jan. 2002, PDF format)
NewReuters AlertNet "Alerting humanitarians to emergencies": news & analysis; Reuters reports organized by regional emergencies & by topic
Social Crisis in East Asia World Bank's PovertyNet site, providing "resources & tools to support people & organizations working to address the social crisis" in Asia
Content-Rich Social Watch : Annual Reports Annual reports of "an international watchdog citizens' network on poverty eradication and gender equality" since 1996
Content-Rich Social Watch Report 2004 - Fear and Want: Obstacles to Human Security "An international citizens' progress report on poverty eradication & gender equity," including thematic reports on topics such as World Bank secret scorecard, tax evasion & action against AIDS, measurements of progress, & country reports (2004; PDF format)
Content-Rich The State of Food Insecurity in the World FAO's annual reports on world hunger
State of World Population 2002: People, Poverty & Possibilities Report by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
Trends in Developing Economies "brief reports on most of the World Bank's borrowing countries"
United Nations Development Policy & Planning Office Responsible for "formulat[ing] advice for development policy ... and preparation of major cross-sectoral reports": publications & surveys
Content-Rich United Nations Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) "the central forum for discussing international economic & social issues, & for formulating policy recommendations"
Content-Rich United Nations Economic Social Commission for Asia & the Pacific (ESCAP) Commission with mandate to work with governments to find solutions for: "Poverty eradication, education, daunting infrastructure needs, a deteriorating environment & social rebuilding"
Content-Rich United Nations Research Institute for Social Development Multi-country research on the relationship between social & economic development
Content-Rich United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) "United Nations frontline agency in the fight against global hunger": news & appeals; operations; policies & publications; interactive hunger map
Content-Rich University of Texas Inequality Project "a small research group concerned with measuring and explaining movements of inequality in wages and earnings and patterns of industrial changes around the world": inequality watch for U.S., Russia, Mexico, China & Canada; publications; working papers; Web presentations; data
Content-Rich World Bank: Documents & Reports Searchable, & browsable by country, document type, & sector
Content-Rich World Bank: Macroeconomics & Growth Recent research by World Bank staff": resource persons & studies organized by sub-topic; data sets
World Bank Development Forum Ongoing series of "Development Dialogues on key issues & challenges facing the development community & the world," open to the public; Speaker's Corner
World Bank Group: Activities by Region & by Country For regions: News; upcoming & recent events; special interest publications; country strategies; in the field -- for individual countries: country & project information; publications
World Development Report 2004: Making Services Work For Poor People Annual report by the World Bank Group
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Labor Issues
By the Sweat & Toil of Children: Efforts to Eliminate Child Labor
Vol. I: Overview;
Vol. II: The Use of Child Labor in U.S. Agricultural Imports & Forced and Bonded Child Labor;
Vol. III: The Apparel Industry and Codes of Conduct - A Solution to the International Child Labor Problem?;
Vol. IV: Consumer Labels and Child Labor;
Vol. V: Efforts to Eliminate Child Labor;
Vol. VI: An Economic Consideration of Child Labor
Reports by U.S. Dept. of Labor's Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) on "the use of child labor in manufactured and mined products which are imported by the United States" (1994-2000)
A Chartbook of International Labor Comparisons: United States, Europe, and Asia Published by U.S. Department of Labor (May 2003): gross domestic indicators, labor market indicators, competitiveness indicators for manufacturing, & other indicators for the U.S. & selected Asian-Pacific & European economies
Every Child Counts: New Global Estimates on Child Labor International Labour Office report (Apr. 2002)
Content-Rich ILO Databases International Labour Organization databases in: country and regional information; labor administration; labor legislation; labor statistics; occupational safety; social security; terminology; vocational training and rehabilitation; world of work
Infocus Programme on Social Dialogue,
Labour Law and Labour Administration
International Labour Organization (ILO) program to promote social dialogue & sound labor relations & to strenghten labor administrations
The Informal Sector in Asia from the Decent Work Perspective A.T.M. Nurul Amin's 2002 study for International Labour Organization (ILO) (PDF format)
International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (SIMPOC) International Labour Organization's program aiming to "to assist individual countries in generating comprehensive quantitative & qualitative data on child labour": official publications, reports, raw data, & documentation
Life at Work in the Information Economy International Labour Organization's World Employment Report 2001
Multinational Monitor On-Line Monthly tracking corporate activity, especially in the Third World, in relation to labor & environmental issues
Workers, Employment Relations, and Labour Standards in Industrialising Southeast Asia Amarjit Kaur's comparative analysis of 4 globalizing economies: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia (Proceedings of the 15th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia in Canberra, 2004; PDF format)
Working Papers on Asian Labor Prepublication series on Asian labor relations from the International Research Programme Changing Labour Relations in Asia (CLARA)
World Employment Report 2004/2005: Employment, Productivity & Poverty Reduction International Labour Organisation report showing that "bridging the "global productivity divide" ... is essential for fighting poverty and stimulating growth in both output and "decent and productive" employment" (Dec. 7, 2004; PDF format)
Content-Rich WWW Virtual Library Labour History Labor organizations, academic institutions & activities, topical & geographical indices, etc.
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Education & Human Development
Academic Ranking of World Universities - 2004 Rankings of the top 500 World Universities, top 100 American universities, top 100 European universities & top 100 Asian/Pacific Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Institute of Higher Education
Asia's Best Universities: 2000; 1999; 1998; 1997 Asiaweek's annual rankings
Education and National Development in Asia Asian Development Bank publication on "progress in education within Asia, as well as remaining challenges and key implications for policy in the region" (2001; PDF format)
Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators 2001 Comparable & up-to-date "information on the human & financial resources invested in education, on how education & learning systems operate & evolve, & on the returns to educational investments"

Content-Rich Education for All Global Monitoring Report
2003 Report: Gender and Education for All : the Leap to Equality;
2002 Report: Is the World Ontrack?;
2001 Report;
2000 Report

UNESCO's annual reports to "set out the powerful human rights case for achieving parity and equality in education"
Education in East Asia A World Bank report, providing sector background, information on challenges & social policy & responses to them, & individual country data for Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, & the Philippines
Content-Rich Eldis Education Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on educational issues by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information, with quick access to various subtopics such as gender & education, literacy, & rural education
Global Education Digest 2004: Comparing Education Report by UNESCO Institute for Statistics (2004; PDF format)
Heroes of the Digital Divide An essay on bringing Internet access to those without in Asia (Asiaweek 6/29/2001)
Content-Rich Human Development Reports United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)'s annual reports presenting "agenda-setting data and analysis and calls international attentions to issues and policy options that put people at the center of strategies to meet the challenges of development today - economic, social, political, and cultural"
Human Development Report 2001: Making New Technologies Work for Human Development Report by the United Nations Development Programme, with extensive tables & analysis of human development indicators
Humanitarian Information for All NGO with objective "to provide all persons involved in development, well-being and basic needs, access to a complete library containing most solutions, know-how and ideas they need to tackle poverty and increase the human potential."
Meta-Survey on the Use of Technologies in Education in Asia and the Pacific 2003-2004 Overview; gender-based issues & trends; ICT in education country papers; trends & observations (UNESCO Bangkok, 2003; PDF format)
Millenium Development Goals Adopted by & "commit[ing] the international community to an expanded vision of development, one that vigorously promotes human development as the key to sustaining social and economic progress in all countries, and recognizes the importance of creating a global partnership for development": World Bank research & country studies; data
PISA: OECD Programme for International Student Assessment "an internationally standardised assessment that was jointly developed by participating countries and administered to 15-year-olds in schools"
Content-Rich Regional Bureau for Asia & the Pacific A United Nations Development Programme bureau with mission "to empower people & organizations to achieve Sustainable Human Development in the Asia & Pacific region"
Regional Cooperation in Asia & the Pacific Information on the United Nations Development Programme's individual projects promoting sustainable human development in Asia
Content-Rich World Data on Education From UNESCO's International Bureau of Education: profiles of national education systems for 144 countries, & national reports on educational development from UNESCO-member countries
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Population Issues & Ethnic Communities
6 Billion & Beyond A companion Web site to a PBS documentary on world population in the new millenium
Am Yisrael - The Jewish Communities of Asia Basic information
Asia/Pacific: Population & Family Planning Laws & Regulations Compilation by Economic and Social Commission for Asia & the Pacific (ESCAP) of the United Nations: indexed by country
Asian Journey 2003: The Asian Diaspora A collection of personal accounts & photo essays on the migrations of Asian peoples, their adopted homelands, & returns to their ancestral homelands (TIME Asia, Aug. 18-25, 2003)
Copenhagen Consensus: Challenge Paper on Population and Migration Philip Martin's paper arguing for lowering barriers to migration because of its benefits (Mar. 2004; PDF format)
The Decline of Fertility in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, & the Philippines: 1968-70 to 1988-90 Paper by Charles Hirschman & Yih-Jin Young (Jan. 2000); figure; table
Eldis Ageing Populations Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on aging population issues by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information, searchable by research themes
Forced Migration Online: a World of Information on Human Displacement "coordinated by a small team based at the Refugee Studies Centre in Oxford": research guides by region & by theme; digital library of full-text documents; journals; Web catalogue; organizations; discussion list
Forced Migration Review (in English, Arabic & Spanish) Published 3 times a year & providing "a practice-oriented forum for debate on issues facing refugees and internally displaced people in order to improve policy and practice and to involve refugees and IDPs in programme design and implementation"
Content-Rich Harvard Law School: Annual Review of Population Law "a database of summaries and excerpts of legislation, constitutions, court decisions, and other official government documents from every country in the world relating to population policies, reproductive rights and health, women's status and rights, children and adolescents, HIV/AIDS and related topics"
The Human Tide: People on the Move in East Asia A BBC World Service East Asia Today In depth feature (Dec. 5, 2001)
Jewish Communities in Asia An AsiaTODAY special report (July 12, 2000): general links & links by country
Migration and Development: A Perspective from Asia Graeme Hugo's report on "the ways in which international migration can and does impinge on development in receiving areas" (International Organization for Migration (IOM), Nov. 2003; PDF format)
Content-Rich Migration Policy Institute (MPI) "an independent, non-partisan, non-profit think-tank in Washington, D.C. dedicated to the study of the movement of people worldwide": information for journalists & for U.S. Congress; migration data & analysis
Content-Rich Popnet "the most comprehensive directory of population-related websites available — by organization, by region and country, or by topic within countries," hosted by the Population Reference Bureau
Content-Rich PopPlanet "a website for learning, information sharing & communication about population, health & environment connections in different regions": country profiles
Content-Rich Population and Family Planning
Laws, Policies and Regulations
Database developed by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) "to review the current status of population policies and to promote laws and regulations that guarantee people’s basic rights including their reproductive right in countries of the ESCAP region"
Content-Rich Population Index "an annotated bibliography of recently published books, journal articles, working papers, & other materials on population topics"
Content-Rich Population Reference Bureau Demographic data, news & analysis by topic & world region
Poverty, International Migration and Asylum -- A Policy Brief Christina Boswell and Jeff Crisp's brief on "key issues raised by the changing causes and patterns of [international] movement, and their multiple impacts on countries of origin, transit and destination" (United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research, 2004; PDF format)
Skilled Migration: The Perspective of Developing Countries Frederic Docquier & Hillel Rapoport on the magnitude & effects of international migration of skilled workers (World Bank Working Paper, Aug. 2004; PDF format)
The State of World Population Annual reports by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), with links to previous years' reports
Virtual Library on Migration and Ethnic Relations Part of the WWW Virtual Library
Visits of Sadako Ogata, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Links to her public lectures & interviews in the Conversations with History series at UC Berkeley
World in the Balance Companion site to the NOVA documentary investingating "the impact of forces that are radically changing populations in both rich & poor nations": essays on such topics (including the material world in China, India, Japan, Mali & the U.S., & population campaigns in China & other countries); interviews; interactive features; resources
Content-Rich World Population: A Guide to WWW Richard Jensen's compilation: demographic perspectives & general resources; case studies; demographic variables; policy perspectives
World Population Information Analysis & data from the US Census Bureau's International Programs Center
World Population Prospects: the 2002 Revision Report by United Nations Population Division (Feb. 2003; PDF format)
World Population to 2300 Report by the Population Division of the United Nations' Department of Economic and Social Affairs, with essays, tables & figures (2004; PDF format)
Content-Rich World Population Trends Resources from United Nations Population Division: catalog; data at a glance; mortality & migration; fertility & family planning; population & development; population policies; world population estimates & projections
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The State of Children
At the Margins: Street Children in Asia and the Pacific A Poverty & Social Development Paper by Andrew West (Asian Development Bank, Oct. 2003; PDF format)
Child Rights- UNICEF Guide to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (adopted 1989), UNICEF publications on the CRC & child rights, & related resources
Children Having Children: State of the World's Mothers 2004 Published by Save the Children, with Early Motherhood Risk Ranking & Mother's Index 2004 (May 2004; PDF format)
Children of Conflict: A Human Rights Issue BBC World Service reports on children in war zones throughout the world: child soldiers; wounded children; lost children; child-headed households; child workers; how to help
Content-Rich Eldis Children and Young People Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on issues related to children & young people by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information, with quick access to various subtopics
Content-Rich The Progress of Nations: 1995; 1996; 1997; 1998; 1999; 2000 UNICEF publications measuring "the world’s progress towards giving all children the chance to live a decent life"
Helping Hands or Shackled Lives? Understanding child domestic labour and responses to it International Labour Organization report on child domestic labor, with case studies & bibliography (June 2004; PDF format)
Pearl S. Buck International: Bringing Hope to Children Worldwide "mission of promoting the legacy and dreams of Pearl S. Buck -- her commitment to improving the quality of life and expanding opportunitites for children, promoting and understanding the values and attributes of other cultures, the injustice of prejudice, and the need for humanitarianism throughout the world"
NewSave the Children: State of the World's Mothers 2005: The Power and Promise of Girls’ Education From Save the Children: Girls' Education Progress Report (look at 10 years at gains in girls' education in 71 developing countries); Forecasts for Children (looking 10 years ahead); 6th annual Mothers' Index ("review of 10 indicators of women’s and children’s well-being among 110 countries")

Small Dreams Beyond Reach: the Lives of Migrant Children and Youth along the Borders of China, Myanmar and Thailand

2001 Save the Children Fund (SCF) report
Content-Rich The State of the World's Children UNICEF's annual reports, with maps & statistical tables
2005: Childhood Under Threat, showing that "more than half the world's children are suffering extreme deprivations from poverty, war and HIV/AIDS"
2004: Girls, Education, & Development, focusing on "on girls’ education and its relationship to all other development goals and to the promise of Education For All"
2003, focusing "on child participation — the ‘right’ of all children to have their opinions taken into account when decisions are being made that affect them"
2002, reporting "on the progress that has been made in improving the lives of children and families since the 1990 World Summit for Children"
2001: Early childhood from birth to age 3
2000: "A Vision for the 21st Century"
1999: "Education For All: Making the right a reality"
1998: "Focus on Nutrition"
1997: Focus on child labor
1996: "Children in War"
World Youth Report 2003 Report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the global situation of youth (Oct. 2003)
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Geopium, Geography & Opium (in French & English) Resources on the geopolitics of illicit drugs in Asia, written & compiled by Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy
Globalisation, Drugs, and Criminalisation: Final Research Report on Brazil, China, India, & Mexico An UNESCO report (2002): Drug Trafficking & the State; Drug Trafficking, Criminal Organisations & Money Laundering; "Social & Cultural Dimensions of Drug Trafficking; Methodological, Institutional & Policy Dimensions of the Research on Drug Trafficking
Globalization and Non-Traditional Security Issues: A Study of Human and Drug Trafficking in East Asia Ralf Emmers's paper on illicit drug and human trafficking in China and the Southeast Asian countries in the context of globalization (Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies (IDSS), Mar. 2004; PDF format)
Illegal Immigration, Human Trafficking, and Organised Crime Raimo Vayrynem's World Institute for Development Economics Research discussion paper (Oct. 2003; PDF format)
International Victimology Website Dissemination of "information about current victimology research ... victim services, prevention of crime & abuse of power"
People's Power Against Drugs: Adaptive Changes in Southeast Asia Sandro Calvani's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Summer 2002)
Trafficking in Persons Report U.S. State Department annual reports to Congress on whether foreign governments comply with minimum standards detailed in Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000: includes country narratives
Content-Rich United Nations Office on Crime & Drugs "mandated to assist Member States in their struggle against illicit drugs, crime and terrorism": news & publications; drug abuse & demand reduction; drug supply reduction; terrorism, corruption & human trafficking; treaty & legal affairs; analysis & statistics
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Public Health (General)
Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health in the Asia and Near East Region: Status, Issues, Policies, and Programs Paper by Karen Hardee et al. (Policy Project, Futures Group, Washington DC, Jan. 2004; PDF format)
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF): Visit a Refugee Camp Virtual tour of a refugee camp; information & resources on the refugee experience
Content-Rich Eldis Health Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on health-related issues by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information, with quick access to various subtopics such as communicable diseases, drug costs, & traditional medicine
Content-Rich Eldis/HSRC Health Systems Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on health system issues by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information & Health Systems Resource Centre, searchable by topic areas
Global Health Council "the world's largest membership alliance dedicated to saving lives by improving health throughout the world": news; publications; women's health; child health; HIV/AIDS; infectious disease
International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies: Asia & the Pacific Regional & country reports on "appeals, situation reports and news stories"
On High Alert Story on the potential for a bird flu pandemic (Time Asia: Jan. 26, 2004)
Patterns of Global Health Expenditures: Results for 191 Countries World Health Organization discussion paper by Jean-Pierre Poullier et al. (Nov. 2002)
Public Health WWW Virtual Library: Asia General remarks & links; individual country resources on aspects of public health, including national associations, education & research facilities, health networks, NGOs, private associations, journals/e-zines, etc.
Red Cross Red Crescent: Field operations in Asia Pacific "a comprehensive provincial broadcasting enterprise" for the region & individual countries
The Threat of BSE in Asia -- Mad Cow Disease: Why Asia Should be Worried A BBC World Service East Asia Today In Depth feature (Jan. 11, 2002)
World Health Organization Summary of World Health Report, Weekly Epidemiological Record, Statistical Information System
World Health Report Archives 1995-2000 Annual reports by the World Health Organization (WHO)
Content-Rich World Health Report The most current WHO annual report with statistical annex, boxes, tables, & figures; links to previous years' reports from 2001
World Report on Violence and Health World Health Organization report aiming "to raise awareness about the problem of violence globally, to make the case that violence is preventable, and to highlight the crucial role that public health has to play" (Oct. 2002)
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The AIDS Epidemic
AIDS Epidemic Update 2004 Joint UNAIDS/WHO report on recent trends in the AIDS epidemic: women & AIDS; regional chapters; maps; bibliography (Dec. 2004; PDF format)
AIDS in Asia Interview with Dr. Chris Beyrer, "Director of the Johns Hopkins Fogarty AIDS International Training & Research Program ... about the issues surrounding the rapid spread of AIDS in Asia"
AIDS in Asia An AsiaTODAY special report (July 08, 2002): reports; news articles; women & AIDS; AIDS & economics; human rights & AIDS; gay movement & AIDS in Asia; links
Content-Rich Eldis/HRC HIV/AIDS Resource Guide Compilation of news, research papers & resources on HIV/AIDS issues by the Eldis Gateway to Development Information & Health Resource Centre, with quick access to subtopics
The Fire Next Time: AIDS in Asia A Time Asia special report: stories; graphics; newsfile; photo gallery; Web resources (Sept. 2002)
International Community of Women with HIV/AIDS "the only international network which strives to share with the global community the experiences, views and contributions of 19 million incredible women worldwide, who are also HIV positive"
Oh! This One is Infected!: Women, HIV & Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific Region Paper "commissioned by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights ... to explain the varied reasons why a significant majority of women in the Asia Pacific region are disproportionately at risk of infection" (International Community of Women with HIV/AIDS, May 2004; PDF format)
Positive Lives "a unique international project that photographs and documents the social and emotional impact of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, illuminating positive human responses to this world crisis": stories searchable by region
Content-Rich Report on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic: 2004; 2002; 2000; 1998 UNAIDS's biannual reports providing "analysis on all aspects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, from the spread of HIV and treatments to the availability of resources, and ... country-by-country figures on the extent of the epidemic"
Reports from the Field on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand Report on UCLA colloquium (April 23, 2003)
NewReuters AlertNet - HIV/AIDS in Asia Compilation of Reuters news stories
South East Asia AIDS Information Dissementation Service (SEA-AIDS) An UNAIDS-sponsored discussion group focusing on AIDS-related issue in the Asia Pacific region
NewThink Again: AIDS Tina Rosenberg on "misperceptions ... about how we are winning and losing the battle against the disease" (Foreign Policy, Mar./April 2005; free registration required)
UNAIDS Publications by Topic Areas Publications of The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, with topics ranging from access to care & support to economics & development to young people
World Bank AIDS Economics Offering "data, tools, and analysis for compassionate, cost-effective responses to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic"
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