Linear Algebra Applications for Team Presentations

Team presentations: Prepare a presentation on the application assigned to your team. Your goal is to introduce your classmates to the topic and to prepare them for the homework exercises assigned from the section. You may use examples from the text, or you may find or make up your own. The first presentations will be given in class on Monday, Feb. 14 (A, B, C), and Friday, Feb. 18 (D). Each team member must participate.

Section and page numbers are from the text, Linear Algebra with Applications (second edition), by Gareth Williams.

Team A: Curve Fitting, Section 1.5
Team B: Electrical Networks, Section 1.5
Team C: Traffic Flow, Section 1.5
Team D: Seriation in Archaeology, Section 2.3
Team E: Cryptography, Section 2.4
Team F: Leontief Input-Output Model in Economics, Section 2.5
Team G: Stochastic Matrices: A Population Movement Model, Section 2.6
Team H: Communication Model and Group Relationships (Graph Theory), Section 2.7
Teams I and J: I don't recall!
Team K: Non-Euclidian Geometry and Special Relativity, Section 6.3
Team L: Coding Theory, Section 6.4 (pages 262-264)
Team M: Transformations in Computer Graphics, Section 7.2, pp. 285-287
Team N: Fractal Pictures of Nature, Section 7.2, pages 287-290
Team O: Solutions of Differential Equations, Section 7.4, pp. 311, 312
Team P: Demography and Weather Prediction (Markov Processes), Section 8.4

More topics:

Other Markov processes
Leslie matrices and models for population growth and resource harvesting
Other models for resource harvesting
Other applications of matrices in physics, chemistry, etc.
Many, many more!

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