Senior Research Seminar

JANET BEERY*, DAVID BRAGG, and MARY SCHERER, University of Redlands, Redlands, CA 92373. Senior research seminar as a "capstone" course for mathematics majors.

The University of Redlands Department of Mathematics has required a "capstone" course of its senior mathematics majors for over 40 years. Entitled "Senior Research Seminar," the course currently has as its primary objective improving students' independent study, problem-solving, research, reading, writing and oral presentation skills. The major assignment for the course is an individual research project which culminates in a formal paper and presentation. In order to help students meet the objectives and complete the assignment, the course's research, writing, and speaking assignments become increasingly demanding and increasingly formal as the semester progresses. We believe that our "capstone" course could be adopted successfully by other small- and medium-sized institutions.

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