Tamara Veenstra
Personal Info

Geographical Background
I was born in Grand Rapids, MI but moved to Wingate (pronounced 'wing-git' there), NC when I was about 8. About 10 years later, I left Wingate for the college life at UNC-Chapel Hill (go heels!). Then I moved about as far north as I could for graduate school at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. After 5 years of long, cold winters, I tried to escape to warmer climes but only made it to Cedar Falls, IA to teach at the University of Northern Iowa. After 4 more years of long, cold winters and too much corn, I did escape to warmer climes by going about as far west as I could to arrive in southern California. I have been teaching at the University of Redlands since 2001, and am quite content enjoying vast quantities of sunshine and warm weather (and, of course, engaging students with the fascinating topic of mathematics).

Family Background

My husband, Jason Bauer, is self employed as a handyman. We have been married since January 3rd, 2008. There are a few wedding pictures here.

Jason and I on a recent trip to the Solvang area. (with a slight photo bomb from one of our friends).

My family appears to be operating under the theory that 1 PhD per family is just not enough. My dad, Larry, is a retired professor of psychology. Actually are operating under the theory that 2 PhD's are not enough, as my sister, Shel, has a PhD in English Literature from Michigan State University. My mom, Dianne, so far, has avoided any desire to have a PhD. She is a retired medical technologist. My mom and dad (Dianne and Larry) still live in Wingate, NC. Most of my other extended family is still in Grand Rapids, MI where many good Dutch folk are (both sides of my family have Dutch roots), but I have one cousin, Carrie, who managed to escape to southern California as well so I have a bit of family out here with me.

My family on a trip to Whitewater Falls in NC.

I also have two fabulous kitties that help me get me work done (by laying on top of it).

...or trying to sleep on top of me while I'm working.

My spot was in the middle of the couch, with a cat on each side.

Some spare time activities
When I'm not doing mathematics; I am usually working on my house or garden/yard. My husband and I enjoy traveling and hiking (and sometimes traveling and wine tasting instead of hiking). Every so often, I manage to read a good book, make some cool origami, or tackle a sewing or quilting project.

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