My preferred flavor of mathematics is number theory. I have also recently started studying the mathematics of origami which includes connections to number theory and geometry. I have in the past also done some work in issues in mathematics education.

What is number theory?

At its simplest, number theory is, not surprisingly, the study of numbers! In particular, elementary number theory primarily studies properties of integers (...,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,...). Sample topics include unique factorization of any integer into a product of primes, methods to determine if a number is prime, and exploring why various divisibility "tricks" work. An example of a divisibility "trick" is: to determine if a large number is divisible by 3, you can add the digits and see if that (smaller) number is divisible by 3.
Modern developments involve combining number theory with other branches of mathematics especially abstract algebra and complex analysis.

For more of an intro to number theory, see this site.

My specific scholarly interests